Sun News Announces They Will No Longer Report Killers' Names or Show Photos

On June 4, three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were killed and two more were left in critical condition after being shot in Moncton, New Brunswick. 

Sun News Network then adopted a new policy: They "will not report the name of the killer" and they "will not show his photo." No honor or avenue to honor will be provided for cold-blooded killers and the possible copycats waiting in the wings.

Sun News believes that "when it comes to mass murderers, too often, it is attention and infamy they crave... It's easy to report on the life of the killer, to scour his deranged Facebook page, to speculate about motive, but doing so could actually encourage the perception that his heinous acts are somehow justified."

Sun News notes that "mass shootings come in clusters"--or at least they have in Australia, New Zealand, and Britain--so they ask: "With wall-to-wall coverage of these events, are we feeding future monsters?"

Sun News has decided they will feed the monsters no more. 

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