Fox News Slaughters CNN, MSNBC; Hits Historic Ratings Milestone

For the third quarter of 2014, Fox News not only humiliated its leftwing cable news counterparts at CNN and MSNBC during the all-important primetime hours, Fox News also beat all of cable -- all hundred or so cable channels, including perennial winners ESPN and USA. THR rightly describes this as a "historic cable ratings victory."
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Four Media Outlets with 9/11 Truthers on the Payroll

Our media overlords love to mainstream leftwing fanaticism. 9/11 Trutherism is no exception. Even though the mainstream media prides itself on being oh-so rational and pro-science, the most anti-science among us enjoy star status and 1%-sized wealth from some of our most prestigious media outlets. 11 Sep 2014

Media and Westboro Baptist Church Agree: God Hates Gays

Back in December, when Ducky Dynasty's Phil Robertson gave an interview to GQ and listed a whole host of biblical sins, including homosexuality, the media went apeshit. For openly stating the simple fact that the Bible considers homosexuality a sin, the media labeled Robertson a homophobe. 11 Sep 2014

Cosmo's Political Picks of the Week: Grimes, Udall, & Burke

In keeping with its new campaign that urges its readers to vote for candidates who share their top concerns – abortion and free contraception – Cosmopolitan has announced its first political picks of the electoral season, and they are Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) for U.S. Senator from Kentucky, incumbent U.S. Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO), and Mary Burke (D) for Governor of Wisconsin. 10 Sep 2014

Why Would Anyone Believe NBC News About Luke Russert's $500K Bonus?

NBC News is denying Luke Russert was awarded a $500,000 bonus for taking on a new role at "Meet The Press." But why would anyone believe that? This is the same NBC News that repeatedly and forcefully denied David Gregory was out as moderator of "Meet the Press" right up until David Gregory was out as moderator of "Meet the Press." 10 Sep 2014

Obama Flack Jay Carney Joins CNN as Political Commentator

CNN chief Jeff Zucker's business plan to steal MSNBC's left-wing viewers got another boost Wednesday with the cable news network's hiring of former Obama White House spokesman Jay Carney as a paid contributor. Carney's CNN career begins tonight. Obama's former flack will offer commentary on Obama's big primetime ISIS speech tonight. 10 Sep 2014

Study: Networks Bury Own Poll Results to Protect Obama

According to a study by The Media Research Center, the three big broadcast networks are not only ignoring President Obama's cratering approval numbers, to protect him from that news, the nets are going so far as to bury their own polls. Despite commissioning 15 polls this year to measure the president's approval ratings, the MRC found that the network's evening broadcasts only reported twice on the results. 9 Sep 2014

NBC Producer Charged for Secretly Taping Sex with Woman, Posting Online

The New York Post reports that Carlo Dellaverson, an NBC producer secretly video of himself and his girlfriend having sex. Later, again without her knowledge, he posted the video on the porn site XTube. After the girlfriend filed a complaint, law enforcement filed charges against him for disseminating unlawful surveillance and harassment. 9 Sep 2014

Fact-Checker: Obama Lied to Chuck Todd

During his Sunday "Meet the Press" appearance, President Obama brazenly lied to host Chuck Todd about his January reference to ISIS as "JV." That's not my judgment, it's the judgment of PolitiFact, a site created to protect Democrats. This time, though, Obama went too far, even for a leftwing site like PolitiFact. 8 Sep 2014

Al Jazeera Claims Video of Foley, Sotloff Beheadings Faked -- Retracts

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the fact that Al Jazeera America's real problem isn't its abysmal ratings as much as it is traction. Sure, the Qatar-owned cable news network has abysmal ratings, but so do MSNBC and CNN. Ratings, though, are a secondary concern for news outlets. What these left-wing outlets really crave is the ability to have an impact on the national political conversation. 8 Sep 2014


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