WikiLeaks Finally Catches up with Breitbart

“Cuban intelligence agents have deep involvement in Venezuela and enjoy direct access to President Hugo Chavez… Cuban intelligence officers train Venezuelans both in Cuba and in Venezuela, providing both political indoctrination and operational instruction.” Dropped yesterday to Spain’s El Pais (the only Spanish language paper graced by Wikileaks) this megaton bombshell has gone MSM-viral, from one point (the AP) to the other (Reuters) and to quote ZZ Top: “all points in between.”

Wikileak "news" about Castro's Cuba being involved in
Chavez's Venezueala is no news to "Big" writers/readers

Well, here’s a Big Hollywood post from last February:
An estimated 65,000 Castroite Cubans infest Venezuela. Essentially they run that nation’s entire Ministry of the Interior (secret police/intelligence, etc.) along with many top military commands along with Chavez’ entire retinue of bodyguards (Hugo trusts Castro’s “specialists” more than he trusts his own countrymen for such a vital function). So overbearing has become the Castroite occupation of Venezuela that Chavez’ longtime crony, Ramón Carrizalez, who served as Venezuelan Vice president and Minister of Defense, resigned in protest two weeks ago.

Here’s a Big Journalism post from last July:
Russia’s SVR, Castro’s DGI (Directorio General de Inteligencia) and Chavez’ SEBIN, (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia) are all linked. They all share agents and information. Castro-Cubans run Chavez’ intelligence agency practically lock, stock and barrel.

Fidel Castro, by the way, just exulted over Wikileaks calling it a “colossal scandal!” (for the U.S.)

Not to be outdone, Hugo Chavez loves how it exposes the “bandits” and “fascists” in Washington.

No word from the two amigos on the latest Wikileaks “revelations.”


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