Bibi Tells Obama to Stick It

Today, President Obama met with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama immediately launched into his rote AIPAC stump speech from yesterday, in which he told Netanyahu that the United States “has Israel’s back.”

But apparently, the Obama Administration has Israel’s back … to stab it. How else to explain President Obama’s continued strident demand that Israel not attack Iran, and instead allow the ineffective sanctions to do their ineffective job?

Netanyahu fired back, stating, “Israel must reserve the right to defend itself and after all, that’s the very purpose of the Jewish state, to restore to the Jewish people control of our destiny.” From a president who claims to be anti-colonialist, and who pretends to want to avoid telling other countries what to do, Obama’s arrogance here is breathtaking. If he truly had Israel’s back, he wouldn’t be dictating terms to it, telling it to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders with “mutually agreed swaps,” or suggesting that it not defend itself.

American-Israeli relations are currently at an all-time low point – or at least at their lowest point since 1967, when President Johnson undercut Israel’s momentum during the Six-Day War. In some ways, this is far worse – at least LBJ waited until Israel had moved into victory mode when LBJ put on the brakes, whereas now, Obama is attempting to prevent Israel from even defending herself.

So, will Israel strike? Obama’s stance has made it almost impossible for them not to. It’s clear that America won’t back a strike or do anything more than the sanctions, which means Israel must go it alone – unless Israel strikes now, and hopes that Obama is leveraged by pro-Israel Americans into truly having Israel’s back. Meanwhile, Iran will keep escalating, knowing that Obama may not win re-election – which would mean that Israel would have an ally in the White House.

The stage is set for war. Soon enough we will find whether Obama truly “has Israel’s back.”


Bibi To Barack: We 'Reserve The Right' To Strike


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