Blaming Israel For Yasser Arafat's Death Eight Years Later

Although Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat died in November 2004, it appears his death is being revisited in an attempt to hold Israel liable for killing him.

Al Jazeera and MSNBC are both reporting that traces of a radioactive element were found on Arafat’s clothing and therefore, his body is being exhumed for further testing. Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinians, has already promised that the Palestinian Authority is seeking “the truth and nothing but the truth.”

To that end, the examinations of Arafat’s body will be done with and through the United Nations Security Council.

Because the outcome of the testing seems to already have been prejudged, with Israel predominantly listed as the culprit, the Jewish state is rightly skeptical of Erekat’s “truth and nothing but the truth” pledge. Thus they see this as just one more attempt to smear Israel in the international media.

It seems that everyone is glibly overlooking the fact that Arafat had enemies within Palestine who were quite happy to see his passing.

And Israel’s concerns seem more than justified when one considers that the Swiss lab that found the radioactive material in Arafat’s clothing also reported that the symptom’s witnessed in Arafat’s death were not consistent with radioactive poisoning.

In other words, this may be a witch hunt.


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