World View: Pakistan Prepares to Eject Afghanistan Refugees

This morning's key headlines from
  • Nato airstrike kills Pakistan Taliban leader in Afghanistan
  • Pakistan prepares to eject Afghanistan refugees
  • Pakistani immigrants protest in Syntagma square in Athens, Greece
  • Corrections to yesterday's World View (corrected online):
  • Warren E. Pollock interviews John J. Xenakis

Nato airstrike kills Pakistan Taliban leader in Afghanistan

A Nato airstrike has killed Mullah Dadullah, a senior commander of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP - Pakistan Taliban). The fact that the airstrike killed him in Afghanistan has political significance in the U.S. relationship with Pakistan. Americans have been demanding that the Pakistani army clean out the TTP forces in Pakistan's tribal areas, since many TTP terrorists cross the border and conduct terrorist acts in Afghanistan. The Pakistanis have been insisting that these terrorists are actually living in Afghanistan, rather than Pakistan. The death of Mullah Dadullah in Afghanistan supports the claims of the Pakistanis. ABC

Pakistan prepares to eject Afghanistan refugees

Ever since the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in the 1980s, through the civil war of the 1990s, followed by Taliban rule, millions of refugees from Afghanistan, mostly Pashtuns, fled to Pakistan, mostly settling down in the tribal area or Balochistan province. The Pakistanis welcomed then with open arms, and gave them refugee ID cards with indefinite expiration. As the refugees became an increasing burden, they were given an expiration date in 2009. Pakistan extended that date to 2012, and now all Afghans are losing their refugee status on December 31, meaning that they have to return to an uncertain future in Afghanistan with no money. Hundreds of thousands of returning refugees could complicate the Nato withdrawal from Afghanistan. IRIN (U.N.) and AP

Pakistani immigrants protest in Syntagma square in Athens, Greece

An ironic twist, while Pakistanis are planning to eject Afghan refugees, is that thousands of illegal Pakistani immigrants in Greece protested in Athens' Syntagma square on Friday. They were particularly protesting against Alex Tsipras, the leader of the far-right Golden Dawn party that is demanding that all illegal immigrants be deported. Dawn (Karachi)

Corrections to yesterday's World View (corrected online):

  • China's collapsed bridge cost $300 million to build, not $3 million.
  • Tens of millions of Chinese, not just tens of thousands, died of starvation in the Great Leap Forward.

Warren E. Pollock interviews John J. Xenakis

Here's Warren E. Pollock's description of our 38 minute interview: 

John uses Generational Dynamics to forecast future events. We talk about the major flash points around the world including the Caucuses, South China Sea, and the Middle East. Growing nationalism, internal rebellion, economic events, and demographic trends are aligning around the world much the same way they did just before WWI.

Points covered include:

The concept that People can Drift by Mistake into War; That Decisions to go to war are not logical; The Importance of Tiananmen Square; Advances Chinese Missile Technology; A Shocking Future Event Waking America; The Importance of; Potential for China to Have an Internal Rebellion; Exposure of US Aircraft Carriers; Pakistan and US Contention and Cooperation; Shi’a and Sunni Relations; The initial Partition between India and the Massive Refugee Crisis; The Line of Control; The Current Assam Refugee Crisis; Syrian War turning onto Sectarian war; United States allied with Japan; China Allied with Pakistan; Russia Allied With India; Turkish Contention with The Kurds; Turkish Military action in Syria, Northern Iraq; Russian Soft Power Influence using Natural Gas on Western Europe; Current American Conciseness; Russian WWII experience; Firebombing of Japan During WWII; Firebombing of Dresden; Bataan Death March; The Decision to Assassinate Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by High School Students; Younger Activists of Various Countries Driving Nationalism and a Chain of Dependencies; Remembering the Good Old Days of US Culture; What Checks and Balances Prevent US Nationalism?; The Transitory Nature of the NDAA and Patriot Act; Japanese Internment; Suspension of Habeas Corpus and Sedition

YouTube/Warren E. Pollock Interview

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