Obama's Presidency: Four Good Years for Hamas

Reports indicate the dual presidencies of Obama and Egypt's Mohamed Morsi have been very good for Hamas.

In fact, the militant Islamist organization that was in dire straits financially just a few years ago, now has strong financial backing and looks forward to warring against Israel for many years to come.

Hamas has not failed to notice the daylight Obama has placed between Israel and the U.S. 

Nor have they misunderstand the direct support Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood president plans to give them should Israel attack Hamas. Reports actually indicate "Hamas feels confident Morsi would not remain idle if Israel retaliated against [Hamas'] rocket fire with a...military operation in the Gaza strip."

Hamas, like so many other terrorist regimes, remembers then-Senator Obama's May 2008 pledge that if he were elected president, he would not be a war-monger like George W. Bush. Rather, he would sit down and talk to known dictators and/or terror sponsors like Iranian President Ahmadinejad, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and others. 

To be fair, Obama didn't mention sitting down with Hamas leaders in this way, but it looks like they got the message anyway. 


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