World View: In Major Reversal, U.S. Will Provide Military Aid to Syria Opposition

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In major reversal, U.S. will provide military aid to Syria opposition

We reported two weeks ago that the opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) canceled plans to attend meetings in Rome, Moscow and Washington to discuss the Syria issue, on the grounds that these meetings did not thing but provide a cover for the regime of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad to massacre innocent mothers and daughters in their homes, and innocent students in their college dormitories. Well, this apparently shocked the Obama administration into action, and now the administration says that they've reversed policy, and they're going to send aid to the Syrian rebels. The aid will include body armor, armored vehicles, and humanitarian aid. So the SNC has changed its mind, and will attend the meetings after all. However, this may well be an empty promise, since it has to be coordinated with the Russians, who have vetoed any aid attempt in the past. Washington Post

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