World View: China Moves Missiles Near Coast to Target Japan

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  • German official says that 'two clowns have won' in Italy
  • McDonald's in France promises '100% French' French fries
  • China moves missiles near coast to target Japan
  • No Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese or dogs, please is back

The web site is now up and running on a new web hosting company. I'll have more to say about the Network Solutions nightmare later, but for now I'm hoping that the "web site crisis" is over for a while. 

German official says that 'two clowns have won' in Italy

Italian officials are furious and have canceled talks with Germany, after German politician Peer Steinbrueck said of Italy's recent parliamentary elections: "To a certain extent, I’m appalled that two clowns have won. One professional clown who is also not offended if you call him one – Grillo – and another who is clearly a clown with a testosterone boost."

The clown who is not offended would be Beppe Grillo, a former standup comedian turned renegade politician who did amazingly well, with his "Five Star Movement" coming in a solid third in Italy's election. The other alleged clown would be former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has long been mired in sex scandals. 

Actually, neither Grillo nor Berlusconi won. The problem is that nobody won, and Italy has no government, and has little hope of having one soon, perhaps not before another election. What the voters did do is send a strong message to Germany that they don't want any more Teutonic austerity forced on them, and the fear around Europe is that the euro crisis is returning. Telegraph (London) and Euro News

McDonald's in France promises '100% French' French fries

Fast Food chain McDonald's France has promised to serve "100% French" French Fries before the end of the year in all its 1260 restaurants. In 2012, McDonald's bought 30% of its 200,000 tonnes of potatoes from outside France, mostly from Belgium. But now McDonald's has contracted with McCain France to contract 100 more potato farmers, who will supply McDonald's with all the additional potatoes it needs to makes its French fries 100% French. Potato Pro

China moves missiles near coast to target Japan

U.S. intelligence agencies have detected that China's military is shifting its mobile ballistic missiles to the coast near the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in preparation for war with Japan over the islands. A Hong Kong newspaper, the Oriental Daily News, quotes a military source as saying that the People's Liberation Army were preparing to target the Senkaku islands, as well as U.S. military bases in Okinawa. The report also claims that the multiple-warhead DF-16 missile can defeat the U.S.-made Patriot missile batteries deployed at U.S. and Japanese military bases in the region. The fear is that a small-scale military conflict between Japan and China would spiral into a major war, since the U.S. military are committed by treaty to defending Japan. Free Beacon

No Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese or dogs, please

The owner of a Beijing restaurant specializing in pigs' offal dishes finally took down a sign that said: "This shop does not receive The Japanese, The Philippines [sic], The Vietnamese and dog." 

China is having island disputes with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. The owner is not apologizing, and says, "It was a patriotic action... I just didn't want to serve Japanese. Am I not allowed to do that?"

He took it down because he was tired of responding to media requests. The picture of the sign went viral on social media sites after a Brooklyn housewife visiting Beijing posted it, drawing hundreds of comments. Global Times (Beijing) and Thanh Nien News (Ho Chi Minh City) and Japan Daily News

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