GOP Rep: Egyptian Christians Believe US Backing Muslim Brotherhood


Muslim Brotherhood

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) recently returned from a Mideast visit to say that Egyptian Christians are concerned that the U.S. government is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood to the detriment of other parties and religious groups.

Wolf said Egyptian Christians believe the U.S. is aligning with the Muslim Brotherhood because they think it will be in power over the long haul in Egypt. 

But the result of this support has been horrific for many.

According to Wolf, "Copts and other Christians" in Egypt face "an atmosphere of intolerance." Numerous "churches have been desecrated, and no permits to build new churches have been issued since 2011."

Wolf said said Christians aren't alone in their views. He said apart from government officials, no one to whom he spoke had a positive outlook on Egypt's future. 

He says U.S. policy simply "has not evolved to meet the new realities in Egypt," and that the Obama admin needs to "pursue policies emphasizing the need to protect minority rights" when dealing with Egypt's new government.


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