'Uninvited's' Spencer: 'People Are Hungry for an Opposition'

Robert Spencer, Director of JihadWatch, has long been on the front-lines of the civilizational struggle between Western values and militant Islam. It has, unfortunately, often been a lonely posting. Over the last decade, he has been invited to bring his expertise to CPAC exactly twice, with the last invitation coming 6 years ago. Breitbart News' "Uninvited" panel reversed this. According to Spencer, the response to his talk at last week's panel showed that conservative activists are desperate to discuss these issues. 

"It was, frankly, kind of overwhelming," Spencer said about the response he received after the panel. "There is a real hunger among conservatives for discussion of these issues. They are disgusted by the lack of an opposition."

Spencer told Breitbart News that elements within the conservative movement are not just not willing to discuss the issue of militant islam, but are actually aiding and abetting Islamic influence and infiltration of government. "When was the last time there was a panel on the plight of Israel at CPAC," Spencer asked, noting that the censoring goes beyond the single issue of militant islam. 

"We need people of sufficient gravitas to challenge this", Spencer said. Whenever the issue is raised, we are accused of bigotry. That's what the left does."

Spencer noted that there are financial records detailing Islamic influence over many conservative organizations. "Cancelled checks from a guy in prison [for terror ties] isn't bigotry, it's evidence."

"I'm grateful to the Breitbart News organization for having the guts to discuss theses things," Spencer added. "We could have had a whole panel on just this issue."

Breitbart News' "Uninvited" panel attracted a standing-room only crowd on a Saturday, the last day of CPAC. As Spencer observed, there clearly is a hunger among conservatives to address the threat of militant islam. The conservative establishment may try to smother the discussion, but the truth will get out. 

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