UN Counter-Terrorism Official: Hamas Not a Terrorist Organization (Updated)

Update: The Laborde has indicated to Breitbart News that the view he was expressing was a statement of fact about United Nations policy, and not his personal view, which he has declined to express in his new capacity.


The new top counter-terrorism official appointed by the UN Secretary-General has stated that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.

Jean-Paul Laborde, the new Executive Director of the UN's Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate, whose job is to "carry out the policies of the [Security Council Counter-terrorism] Committee, conduct expert assessments of each Member State and facilitate counter-terrorism technical assistance to countries," said on April 14, 2010, : "Hamas is not a terrorist organization in the United Nations...we should talk to Hamas..."

Laborde also stated that Palestinian terrorism is due not to their hatred of Israel, but instead is the result of the Israeli-Arab conflict. He asserted, "once the Israeli-Palestinian issue is resolved, the threat of terrorism will diminish."

This old canard is central to the Arab propaganda designed to draw a moral equivalence between those on the one side who gleefully celebrate the murder of innocent civilians, whether Jews in Israel or Americans in New York, and those who could easily indiscriminately murder civilians yet constantly go to extreme lengths to avoid doing so (Need we mention Jenin in 2002, when albums of children 6 years old and older were found among the Palestinians indicating when each would be ready for suicide bombing, while Israeli soldiers went in on foot and were slaughtered instead of attacking from the air and saving Israeli lives?)

But since the UN still hasn’t defined terrorism because the 56 Islamic member states want the definition to exclude armed struggle for liberation and self-determination, thus making Islamist and Arab murderous assaults exempt from culpability, Laborde’s appointment makes perfect sense. The UN wants Israel alone and defenseless; this should expedite the process.


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