World View: Russia Tries a Ridiculous Sarin Gas Scam for Syria

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  • Egypt shifts Mideast power from Qatar to Saudi Arabia and UAE
  • Russia tries a ridiculous sarin gas scam for Syria

Egypt shifts Mideast power from Qatar to Saudi Arabia and UAE

The ouster of Egypt's president Mohamed Morsi, along with the collapse of Muslim Brotherhood, has also brought about a collapse of Qatar's influence in the Mideast. Oil-rich Qatar has provided $7 billion in aid to Egypt in the year of Morsi's presidency, and had also been funding the Muslim Brotherhood faction in Syria of the rebels opposing the regime of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad. In both cases, the support has now backfired. In Syria, the opposition has elected a new Saudi-linked leader. The Qataris have not said whether they will continue to provide aid to Egypt under its new government (whatever that turns out to be), but Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have each promised to provide $4 billion in aid in the coming months. AFP and Reuters

Russia tries a ridiculous sarin gas scam for Syria

The Syrian and Russian governments have told so many ridiculous lies since the beginning of Syria's conflict over two years ago, that almost anything either of them say is considered to be babbling gibberish. The latest is a grand announcement by Russia's U.N. envoy Vitaly Churkin that Russian scientific analysis had found that a sarin gas attack on March 19, killing 26, had been launched by Syria's opposition, rather than by the Bashar al-Assad regime. Unfortunately, everyone but Russian "experts" were forbidden from visiting the site of the sarin attack. In particular, United Nations experts were forbidden from visiting the site. So the Russian "experts" went in and collected their samples, took them back to Moscow, did some "analysis" in their secret lab, and made their announcement.

I'm constantly criticizing the utter stupidity of policies in Washington and Europe, but policies in Moscow are just as idiotic. We're beginning to see the outline of disastrous consequences of the Syria policy of Russia's president Vladimir Putin, which has been motivated mainly by a desire to screw the West. The Syrian conflict would have collapsed two years ago if Russia hadn't started supplying all kinds of heavy weapons to the al-Assad regime's forces. There have stories that I've reported that jihadists from the North Caucasus (Russia's southern provinces) have been going to Syria to fight the al-Assad regimes. So these Caucasian jihadists are getting training and field experience fighting Russian weapons and probably Russian military tactics in Syria, and they will return home and use these same tactics to fight against the Russians at home, and blow up more Russian opera houses and airplanes. This is where Putin's moronic policy is leading, and silly scams about sarin gas only make him look ridiculous. AFP

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