Pro-Morsi Demonstrators at Jerusalem Mosque: "Obama Listen Up, The Caliphate Shall Return"

A group of pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters gathered outside Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and chanted their anger and opposition to the U.S., vowing to take over the world.

While gathered a Palestinian cleric lead them in chants like, "Allah Akbar, May Rome be conquered" and "Allah Akbar, May France be destroyed." 

He also led them in chants and mantras aimed directly at America:

We warn you, oh America: Take your hands off the Muslims. Take your hands off the Muslims. You have wreaked havoc in Syria, and before that, in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and now in Egypt.

Who do you think we are, America? We are the nation of Islam--a giant and mighty nation, which extends from East to West. Soon, we will teach you a political and military lesson.

The cleric then said "Allah Akbar" and the crowd chanted the same in return.

The protesters were also led in chants of destruction for the Jewish state, warning that "the army of Muhammad will return."

Credit to The Middle East Media Research Institute for transcribing the chants and mantras from the protest.

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