World View: Russia Considers Selling Arms to Iran as Snowden Gets Asylum

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  • Russia considers selling arms to Iran as Snowden gets asylum
  • In financial crisis, Hamas considers asking Iran for support again

Russia considers selling arms to Iran as Snowden gets asylum

On July 9, 2010, United Nations Security Council approved UN Resolution 1929 imposing sanctions on Iran, including a partial arms embargo, for continued uranium enrichment. Although Russia voted for the resolution, which was supported by then-president Dmitry Medvedev, arms dealers in Moscow were unhappy with it, because they wanted to sell arms to Iran. Now reports indicate that Russia has offered to sell Iran an improved version of the S-300VM, also known as Antey-2500—a long-range, anti-aircraft and medium-range ballistic missile defense system, in violation of UN Resolution 1929. These reports come on the same day that Russia's president Vladimir Putin thumbed his nose at the United States by granting asylum to accused American criminal Edward Snowden. Jamestown

In financial crisis, Hamas considers asking Iran for support again

The toppling if Egypt's president Mohamed Morsi has been a financial disaster for Hamas, the governing authority of the Gaza Strip. The sequence of events was something like this: Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood is historically linked to Hamas, and Morsi supported Hamas, at least half-heartedly. But when a coup ousted Morsi, the Bedouins and jihadists in Sinai, on the border with both Israel and Gaza, became active, and have been conducting a terror campaign against Egyptian security forces in Sinai. Egypt, with support from Israel, has launched a military campaign in Sinai to root out the jihadists. As part of that campaign, Egypt has shut down the smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt that Gazans depend on for things like food, building materials and weapons. In recent months, Hamas has been earning some $8 million in taxes with smuggled fuel alone, and also levies a tax of about $5 on every ton of cement. An average of 70,000 tons of cement are smuggled into Gaza every month. According to a Hamas official:

"The Gaza Strip has lost around $225 million during the past month due to the halt of imports, namely, fuel and crude materials for construction, such as cement, gravel and steel."

Just a few years ago, Hamas had plenty of money and weapons, thanks to generous support from Iran. But that support dried up after Hamas rejected the genocidal extermination actions against innocent Arab women and children in Syria by the psychopathic president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, with the support of Iran and Lebanon's bloody Shia militia, Hezbollah.

Reports indicate that a totally desperate Hamas has gone back to Iran to ask for help, but Iran responded that Hamas must first revive its support for both the psychopathic al-Assad and the bloody Hezbollah, as they kill innocent women and children Arabs in Syria. Spiegel and Al Monitor and Debka

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