World View: Horrific Syria Chem Weapons Attack Causes Farce in Washington, New York

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  • Horrific Syria chem weapons attack causes farce in Washington and New York
  • Iranian military advisor discusses Syria and World War II

Horrific Syria chem weapons attack causes farce in Washington and New York

Alleged deaths from chemical weapons in Syria on Wednesday (Reuters)
Alleged deaths from chemical weapons in Syria on Wednesday (Reuters)

A chemical weapons attack in a Damascus suburb in Syria on Wednesday has apparently produced hundreds of horrifying deaths. The attack happened at a time when 20 U.N. chemical weapons inspectors are already in Syria, investigating chemical weapons attacks that occurred months ago. The Syrian government agreed to let them in, presumably because the attacks occurred so long ago that there wasn't any evidence left.

The rebels, as well as most other people, believe that the regime of the psychopathic president Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the new weapons attack, well aware that he can get away with mutilating, massacring, torturing or killing anyone he wants with no consequences. However, officials from the regime say that they had nothing to do with it, that the rebels are responsible.

Well, what a happy coincidence this is! The U.N. inspectors are already there, just a 20 minute ride from the site of the new chemical weapons attack. They can just zip over there and check out the new attack, can't they? And the regime officials won't have any objections, since they've already said they're not responsible, right?

Well, you already know the answer, Dear Reader. The regime won't permit anything like that because they know they can kill anyone they want at any time with no retribution.

It was a year ago that President Obama gave us one of those great moral lectures he loves to give us, saying that chemical weapons would be a "red line" that would have consequences. He said that al-Assad would be "held accountable by the international community" if he made the "tragic mistake" of using these weapons. He said that the United States does not shirk from its moral duty, blah, blah, blah. Well, there was total silence from spokesmen in Washington on Wednesday. The moral lecture that Gen-Xer Barack Obama gave us was like almost all his moral lectures -- total garbage. So the "red line" will be crossed again, with no consequences. I suppose it doesn't really matter. Under the leadership of Secretary of State John Kerry, who has several times said that the American army is as bad as the Nazi army, and who has said that American soldiers fighting in Iraq are stupid ( "John Kerry and Seymour Hersh trash the armed forces."), and who is himself the stupidest and most incompetent Secretary of State in quite a while, the U.S. has no credibility left in the Mideast. So what difference does one more disaster in the Mideast make?

Then we have the United Nations Security Council in New York. The U.S., the U.K. and France will give speeches expressing huge moral outrage. But will those 20 inspectors be permitted to inspect this new site? Russia has already signaled that it will block it. Edward Snowden's hero, Russia's president Vladimir Putin, is just as psychopathic as al-Assad, and has gleefully and energetically provided Syria with all the weapons and training that al-Assad needs to cause as many mutilations, tortures and murders as possible, with no consequences.

With the world being run by morons and psychopaths, is there anyone left in my readership who does NOT believe that a world war is around the corner? BBC and Bloomberg

Iranian military advisor discusses Syria and World War II

Senior Military Advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader MG Yahya Rahim Safavi gave a speech excerpted below:

"The Syrian war, in reality, is an American and Zionist regime proxy war [executed by] Arab countries and Turkey, and Israel’s military attack has manifested the true nature of this proxy [war] more than before. ...

After three years of civil war, the Bashar Assad government and resistant Syrian Army have now become totally dominant over the terrorists from a military and security point of view, and have retaken most regions from them. The [Syrian] people also did not support the terrorists and even the Muslim Brother separated from them due to the extreme violence and barbarity of al-Qaeda forces, including decapitating 1,000 people. Only the matter of the political front in Geneva 2 has remained [as the solution] that will determine their own fate with the help of Syria and China. In Syria’s military and political conflict, Iran, Syria, Russia and China are victorious and America and Israel are the losers. They thought that they could destroy Bashar Assad within a year, currently three years have passed and they have not been able to achieve their goals. ...

The smaller and less populated countries are overthrown sooner against foreign military threats, and the wider, more populated [countries] with intelligent, talented and courageous people who have wise leaders, they have more power. ...

From a geopolitical position, Iran is the link of three continents, Europe to Asia and Africa to Asia, and the axis of the North’s communication to the South and the East to the West. Any political, military, cultural, etc., events that occur in these three countries affect Iran and its internal security. The Iranian plateau is a special geographical unit in the Iranian land that connects the North to the South and the East to the West. If Iran’s railroad is connected to Basrah, [Iraq], Central Asian countries will be connected to open sea and Central Asian products can reach the Mediterranean by rail. ...

Due to this importance, Iran was occupied militarily during World War II, when it had not interfered in this war. Iran, from the north by the Russians and the south by the British, due to our country’s special geopolitical position was occupied, and at the end of World War II they nicknamed Iran ‘the Bridge of Victory’ while the Iranian Army at that time did not even resist for a day against the foreigners’ forces. ...

A significant percentage of Iranian trade takes place by sea. We have a powerful naval force in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. Iran’s geographic position in the Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea and range of Iranian beaches are national sources of power for our country. ...

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a stable and powerful authority in the region. Iran has a population of 75 million and possesses powerful political and revolutionary leader, this is while the age of marginal Persian Gulf countries do not surpass 100 years. Our political geographers consider some Persian Gulf countries rootless governments that have not become a nation-state yet."

The paragraph that describes Iran's role in World War II is particularly interesting from the point of view of Generational Dynamics. Iran's two generational Crisis wars in the 1900s were the Constitutional Revolution of 1905-10, and the Great Islamic Revolution of 1979 combined with the Iran/Iraq war that ended in 1988. So during World War II, Iran was in the middle of its generational Awakening era, like America in the 1970s. The Constitutional Revolution was a particularly brutal war, engulfing the entire region. The survivors of this war were still alive in the 1940s, and like the survivors of any generational crisis war, they vowed that they would never let anything like the Constitutional Revolution happen to their own children or grandchildren. So Iran did not participate in WW II, even though the country was occupied by the Russians and the British. By 1979, the survivors of the Constitutional Revolution were all gone (dead), and there was no one left to prevent a new brutal, bloody civil war, the Great Islamic Revolution. American Enterprise Institute

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