World View: Netanyahu Cancels Israeli Settlement Plan to Save 'Peace Process'

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  • Manufacturer makes a metal gun with a 3D printer
  • Netanyahu cancels Israeli settlement plan to save 'peace process'
  • Malta sells EU citizenship for 650,000 euros

Manufacturer makes a metal gun with a 3D printer

3D printed metal gun
3D printed metal gun

The gun-control concept took another hit on Friday when a Texas gun manufacturer, Solid Concepts, tested the first all metal gun made from 3D printing. The pistol is a version of an M1911, a handgun designed by John Browning and first used widely in the latter stages of combat stemming from the Philippine-American War. 

When I last wrote about gun control and 3D printing, I described a 3D printed plastic gun tested by Cody Wilson, an activist, which worked adequately but fell apart after several dozen shots. Now, a few months later, 3D printing of guns has already advanced substantially. Within a couple of years, I would expect it to be possible for anyone to be able to purchase a 3D printer for a few thousand dollars and make good quality guns in his cellar or garage. CNN

Netanyahu cancels Israeli settlement plan to save 'peace process'

Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to "reconsider" preliminary work toward building 24,000 settlement housing units in the West Bank, which much of the international community considers to be occupied Palestinian territory. The decision was a slapdown of his hardline nationalist housing minister Uri Ariel, who had authorized the preparatory work. Netanyahu tied his decision in with the ongoing negotiations between the West and Iran: 

In recent months, we built thousands of homes in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], and in the coming months we plan to build thousands more. It was never easy, but we did it responsibly despite international pressure. [But] there’s no point in creating friction with the international community over theoretical potential and plans that aren’t applicable... 
We need to fight for real, true, practical things and not things that create unnecessary tension with the international community that can hurt our fight against Iran.

Netanyahu's decision comes as Palestinian peace negotiators have reportedly submitted their resignations, refusing to take any further part in the so-called "peace process" with Israel. However, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has not yet accepted their resignations, and so the farcical peace negotiations may yet continue. Jerusalem Post and Deutsche-Welle and BBC

Malta sells EU citizenship for 650,000 euros

You can now buy citizenship in Malta for 650,000 euros, thanks to a new plan approved by the country's parliament on Tuesday. Once you're a citizen of Malta, you'll be an EU citizen and you can travel freely without visa controls. Malta is receiving a great deal of criticism for this plan, but it turns out that Greece, Spain, and Hungary all offer residence permits in exchange for steep fees, allowing the same freedom of movement. Malta has merely gone one step further by offering citizenship. Spiegel

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