U.S. Silent on Ayatollah's Description of Israel as 'Rabid Dog'

When the Ayatollah Khamenei referred to Israel as a "rabid dog," the Obama administration responded by recalling times when "people in our society [have said] difficult things about Iran and Iranians." 

France condemned the "rabid dog" statement as unacceptable on November 20, but a "senior U.S. official" would only say the rhetoric was "uncomfortable." 

Khamenei also criticized the U.S. for using atomic weapons against Japan in World War II. In response, the unnamed U.S. official said, "there have been decades of mistrust between the United States and Iran" and that this "mistrust" feeds the rhetoric. 

The official hopes that neither U.S. nor Iranian leaders will use such rhetoric in the future. 

France says Khamenei's negative comments about Israel will now "complicate" nuclear talks with Iran. 

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