World View: Syria's Air Force Drops 'Barrel Bombs' on Aleppo Neighborhoods

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  • Syria's air force drops 'barrel bombs' on Aleppo neighborhoods
  • Lebanon soldier fires at Israeli vehicle across the border

Syria's air force drops 'barrel bombs' on Aleppo neighborhoods

Neighborhood targeted by barrel bombs on Sunday (Reuters)
Neighborhood targeted by barrel bombs on Sunday (Reuters)

Syrian government aircraft have dropped at least 25 barrel bombs on neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo, targeting three districts and a school, killing dozens of civilians and at least 15 children. A "barrel bomb" is a barrel containing hundreds of pounds of explosives, designed to cause massive damage on impact.

Syria's civil war began almost three years ago, when Syria's psychopathic president began slaughtering and massacring peaceful protesters, using heavy weapons supplied by Russia, sending missiles into school dormitories, flattening entire neighborhoods of innocent women and children, even using chemical weapons. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed, and millions have been forced to leave their homes and flee to neighboring countries.

Al-Assad's genocidal campaign has been made possible by massive military support from Russia and Iran. President Barack Obama has been complicit, and made things much worse by lying and saying that use of chemical weapons was a "red line," and then flip-flopping, essentially turning American foreign policy over to Russia.

The massive slaughter of Sunnis by Syria's Shia/Alawite president, has turned Syria into a magnet for jihadists from countries as far away as Pakistan, Algeria and Russia. Sectarian Sunni versus Shia tensions are growing throughout the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia apparently providing funding to Sunni groups within Syria. Furthermore, with millions of refugees continuing to flood other countries, the entire Mideast has become politically and economically unstable. Thanks to the policies particularly of Russia and the United States, the instability of several Mideast countries could spiral into a war at any time.

Sunday's use of barrel bombs to destroy entire neighborhoods and schools filled with innocent civilians shows that the massive slaughter by genocidal monster Bashar al-Assad is far from over. BBC and Reuters

Lebanon soldier fires at Israeli vehicle across the border

The border between Lebanon and Israel has been extremely tense for decades, particularly since the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Since then, the United Nations has had a peacekeeping force patrolling the border, and even a minor incident becomes international news. On Sunday evening, a Lebanese soldier fired six or seven shots at an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) vehicle that was patrolling on Israel's side of the border. So far, the IDF believes that the sniping was done by a soldier acting alone from the Lebanese Armed Forces. Jerusalem Post

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