French Soldier Under Investigation for Wearing Nazi Slogan on Uniform

A french soldier serving in the Central African Republic is under investigation for wearing a patch with a Nazi slogan on his uniform.

The patch caught the attention of French Military Chiefs after pictures of the soldier wearing it were posted on Facebook.

According to The Guardian, the patch was round and had "the number 32 on a French flag and the words 'my honor is loyalty.'" Nazi Waffen-SS used the motto during World War II. 

Local MP Philippe Folliot believes the patch was the result of "a childish prank." He said the unnamed soldier was "a young sergeant who doesn't even know the Nazi reference." 

Folliot added, "The motto in itself isn't shocking if you don't know...[the Nazi] reference."

But army spokesman Colonel Gilles Jaron said wearing the patch could not be tolerated. According to Jaron, wearing the patch is indicative of "an unacceptable attitude that doesn't reflect the reality of the armed forces." 

Jaron said the soldier "will be immediately suspended" after being identified.

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