Shoppers Furious as UK Retailer M&S Lets Muslim Staff Refrain from Alcohol, Pork Sales

Shoppers at a London Marks & Spencer store (M&S) were furious to learn that Muslims working the store's checkout counters had been given special permission to avoid ringing up alcohol sales and pork purchases.

According to the Daily Mail, shoppers purchasing alcohol or pork have to stand at the counter while the Muslim staff member calls over another employee to complete the transaction, or proceed to a different till.

As news of this practice leaked out, M&S was bombarded with complaints.

One customer wrote, "If you have Christian workers who wish to refuse the sale of ladies' garments to male homosexuals or men's trousers to lesbians, I do hope you will stand by those workers' religious or personal beliefs," while refusing to shop at M&S any longer.

M&S's Facebook page was flooded with comments expressing concern that the preferential treatment granted to Muslims "creates further division and hatred between our communities." 

Another customer wrote, "I shan't be shopping at M&S anymore. The quintessentially British retailer bows down to Muslim beliefs. And in turn alienates the majority of Christian and non-religious customers. Outrageous."

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