Chinese Man Places Cannons Around House to Stop Demolition by Gov't

After watching neighbors' homes "torn down allegedly without consent," Zhou Zianbang set dummy cannons around his house to keep it from being demolished. 

According to the Daily Mail, Zhou's community is being "relocated" and only "34 of 340 households are allowed to stay."

Zhou set up the cannons, then sat in front of his house in a tent. 

The cannons cost about 100 yuan apiece and Zhou "deployed [them]... when he became insecure."

Civil police in Xingyang, Henan, central China, "confirmed that [Zhou] had not broken any laws" in setting up the dummy cannons, and "a local official" said there was no plan to demolish Zhou's house. The official said that such demolition "would not be done until an agreement had been reached."

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