World View: Greece's Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Will Adopt New Name if Banned

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  • Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party will adopt new name if banned
  • Syria's al-Assad has week of victories, including rebel infighting

Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party will adopt new name if banned

Faced with threats from Greece's authorities to ban the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn political party from participating in the May 25 elections, spokesman Ilias Kassidiaris announced the founding of a new party, National Dawn, as a backup in case Golden Dawn is banned. Kassidiaris was speaking at a rally of about 3,000 Golden Dawn supporters Saturday and said:

Patriots will have a party to vote for in the next election if [authorities] go ahead with the coup to ban Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn was declared a "criminal organization" last year, after September 18 when self-identified Golden Dawn members murdered a white Greek civilian rapper, Pavlos Fyssas, or Killah P, who rapped against the kind of racism that Golden Dawn practices.

Greek police arrested the party's leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, and dozens of party members, including four MPs. The charges included homicide, attempted homicide, money laundering, blackmail, grievous bodily harm, and other serious crimes.

Golden Dawn was a little-known fringe party until the financial crisis, when it exploded in popularity. It is highly nationalistic, has a Swastika-like emblem on its flag, and supports deportation of all non-Greeks, even those who are citizens, to rid Greece of the "stench" of immigrants. It has conducted hate campaigns against immigrants and is believed to have targeted immigrants with violence.

Two opinion polls published last week showed the party would get 8.9% to 10.3% of the vote if elections were held now. Kathimerini (Athens) and Reuters

Syria's al-Assad has week of victories, including rebel infighting

Syria's genocidal monster president Bashar al-Assad had good reason to celebrate this weekend, as one victory led to another last week.

Two anti-Assad rebel groups are now fighting fiercely with one another. The al-Qaeda linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) killed a commander in a Syrian salafist rebel group, Jabhat al-Nusra (the Islamic Front), leading to continued gunfights and bombings between the two groups. ISIL has attracted foreign jihadists from all over the world, and it currently has control of parts of Iraq and Syria and is trying to take full control of a larger region. 

ISIL has essentially become an ally of al-Assad for two reasons: ISIL is killing al-Assad's Syrian rebels, and ISIL allows al-Assad to maintain the fiction that he's fighting al-Qaeda terrorists, when in fact he's committing crimes against humanity and war crimes against Syrian civilians. In fact, al-Assad's bombers are reported to be very carefully avoiding ISIL camps, so al-Assad isn't fighting al-Qaeda terrorists at all.

Other good news for al-Assad this week:

  • The "Geneva II" peace conference was held, giving legitimacy and stature to al-Assad, without even requiring him to permit humanitarian aid.
  • Al-Assad's planes are pouring barrel bombs out on civilian neighborhoods. A "barrel bomb" is a barrel containing hundreds of pounds of explosives, designed to cause massive damage on impact, and to kill as many people as possible. Al-Assad is killing thousands of civilians every week, with complete impunity.
  • Al-Assad has reneged on his agreement to have his chemical weapons destroyed. He's used sarin gas on his own people before, and he'll probably do it again.

Al-Assad is winning on the battlefield, and has no reason to compromise with anyone on anything. Indian Express and AP

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