Transgender Service Members Say Repeal of DADT Didn't Help Them

On June 2 transgender service members said they "still feel neglected" four years after Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) was repealed.

These comments were made at an event hosted by the Veterans History Project.

According to the Military Times, various soldiers said there have been numerous changes in military life for "L,""G," and "B" personnel, but none for "T."

"Former Navy Seal Kristin Beck said, 'I'm the T; I'm the left-out piece.'" Beck said she left the military because she "wasn't treated with respect." She said, "The military is a microcosm of America; if you can't accept that, go somewhere else."

Thirteen countries around the world "allow transgender military service including Australia, Canada, Israel, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom."

Social scientists estimate "transgender American adults [represent] three tenths of one percent of the [United States's] adult population."

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