Russia Demands Investigation after Russian Journalist Is Killed in Ukraine

Russia’s Channel One cameraman Anatoly Klyan, 68, died in Donetsk after he was shot in the stomach while he and his crew were filming in the area. He is the fifth journalist killed in east Ukraine since April.

According to Channel One, Klyan did not stop filming after the shooting started at the military compound. The driver was shot in the head, but drove to safety. 

Doctors attempted to save Klyan, but the wound was too severe, and he died.

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded Kiev investigate the murder.

“We mourn and express our condolences to his family and friends,” the Ministry said in a statement. “The death of a Russian journalist again demonstrated convincingly that the power structures of Ukraine are clearly unwilling to de-escalate the conflict in the east of the country, blocking the fragile truce.”

“We demand that the Ukrainian authorities conduct an objective investigation into the tragedy and strictly punish the perpetrators.”

Below is a video from Russia’s LifeNews.


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