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The Most Important Election You Haven’t Heard Of

In less than three weeks, the most important election of the year will take place in Switzerland, and you haven’t heard of it. While the U.S. focuses on the recent Republican victory, the financial markets are facing an earth-shaking event on November 30th. 15 Nov 2014

Russia Plans Alternative Version of 'Wikipedia'

(Reuters) - Russia plans to create its own "Wikipedia" to ensure its citizens have access to more "detailed and reliable" information about their country, the presidential library said on Friday. 15 Nov 2014

Hong Kong Activists Denied Permit to Go to Beijing

HONG KONG (AP) — Three Hong Kong students who have led protests for greater democracy in the former British colony were denied in their attempt Saturday to go to Beijing to meet with top Chinese officials. 15 Nov 2014

Pope Francis to Accountants: 'Go Beyond' Numbers to Find People

In his meeting with more some 7,000 accountants Friday, Pope Francis focused on the humanity of their work, reminding them that “behind each piece of paper there is a story, there are faces.” He invited them to “go beyond” numbers and bureaucracy to “meet the person in distress and exercise the creativity that allows you to find solutions to blocked situations.” 15 Nov 2014

Surgeon with Ebola Coming to U.S. for Care

A surgeon working in Sierra Leone has been diagnosed with Ebola and will be flown Saturday to the United States for treatment, officials from Sierra Leone and the United States said. 14 Nov 2014

Venezuela Reveals 'Socialist Barbie' Just in Time for the Holidays

Just as he did last year, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is starting off the holiday season early to distract from the massive failures of his socialist regime. This time, Maduro is kicking off the holiday season with a "socialist Barbie," which is the same Barbie all children know and love, reduced to a tenth of retail value. 14 Nov 2014

12 Years Later, the Truth About Zimbabwe Comes Out

A long-hidden official observer report on the 2002 presidential elections in Zimbabwe, which the South African government fought for years to conceal, was finally released on Friday following a decision by South Africa's Constitutional Court. The report, compiled by two South African judges and presented to then-President Thabo Mbeki, found that the elections that retained Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe in power were neither free nor fair. 14 Nov 2014

Christians in Syria Worship Openly and Refuse to Leave, Despite Jihadist Threat

Christians all throughout the Middle East have been fleeing the rise of radical Islamist guerrillas since the start of the Syrian Civil War, quickening their pace after the Islamic State emptied Mosul, Iraq, of its Christian population. Several thousand Syriac Christians remain in Syria, however, adamant about claiming the land to which they lent their name. 14 Nov 2014

Pope Francis: Heaven 'a Party!'

“The Lord never says that the Kingdom of God is a show,” said Pope Francis Thursday. “It’s a party! But it is different. And a party is beautiful, of course. A big party. And Heaven will be a party.” 14 Nov 2014

Thick Bushes No Barrier White House Intruder

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Secret Service response to an armed intruder who jumped the fence and raced into the White House was complicated by muted alarms and radios, thick bushes on the lawn, unlocked doors and an officer inside who was physically too small to tackle the intruder and fumbled with her equipment, according to the Homeland Security Department review of the case. 14 Nov 2014

G-20 Summit to be Test of Forum's Staying Power

BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — The annual G-20 leadership summit that groups democrats with authoritarians and rich nations with poor has long suffered from a perception it's all talk and no action. This year, leaders are under extra pressure to produce something tangible. 14 Nov 2014

Ukraine: Security Deteriorating in Rebel-Held East

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine warned Thursday that the security situation is steadily worsening in the country's rebel-held east as separatist fighters move closer to government forces. One official said he feared an attack soon by Russian forces. 14 Nov 2014

Report: ISIS, Al Qaeda Reach Agreement in Syria

ISTANBUL (AP) — Militant leaders from the Islamic State group and al-Qaida gathered at a farm house in northern Syria last week and agreed on a plan to stop fighting each other and work together against their opponents, a high-level Syrian opposition official and a rebel commander have told The Associated Press. 14 Nov 2014

Informal Patrols Fight ISIS on Turkey's Border with Syria

CAYKARA, Turkey (AP) — Their collars pulled up against the evening cold, a group of men and women peer through binoculars, scanning the fields along a barbed wire fence. A few kilometers (miles) away across the Turkish border, black smoke rises from the besieged Kurdish Syrian town of Kobani, the dull thud of mortars carrying across on the breeze. 14 Nov 2014

Liberia President to End Ebola State of Emergency

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Liberia's president said Thursday she is lifting a state of emergency imposed to control an Ebola outbreak that has ravaged the country, as Mali reported a fourth person now believed to have died of Ebola in its capital. 14 Nov 2014

Hagel: Top-to-Bottom Changes Needed in Nuke Force

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering top-to-bottom changes in how the nation's nuclear arsenal is managed, vowing to invest billions of dollars more to fix what ails a force beset by leadership lapses, security flaws and sagging morale. 14 Nov 2014

Kissinger: Israel Should Not Seek 'Permanent' Peace Now

Former Secretary of State and Nobel laureate Henry Kissinger told an awards dinner in New York this week that Israel should not seek a permanent or comprehensive peace with the Palestinians until regional turmoil settles down, Algemeiner reports. Kissinger's advice comes amidst renewed pressure by the Obama administration on Israel to make concessions to Palestinians, even as the Palestinian Authority backs violent protest in Jerusalem. 14 Nov 2014


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