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Susan Rice Does it Again: Turkey Denies Her Claim that Agreement Reached on ISIS Fight

In yet another event of what appears to be an unending string of Obama administration missteps, misstatements, and misrepresentations, the White House has been forced to back away from statements initially made on Sunday by National Security Advisor Susan Rice boasting that the U.S. had finally secured Turkey’s agreement to permit U.S. and NATO air bases on its soil to be used in operations against ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq. 14 Oct 2014

New Charges Brought in 2012 Benghazi Attacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Libyan militant already behind bars was indicted Tuesday on new charges arising from the 2012 Benghazi attacks, including crimes punishable by the death penalty, the Justice Department said. 14 Oct 2014

Ebola-Stricken UN Aid Worker Dies in Germany

A Sudanese national who was employed as a UN medical worker in Liberia has died of Ebola at a hospital in Germany. Despite receiving multiple experimental drugs to help combat the deadly virus, the UN aid worker died of hemorrhagic fever nine days after first arriving at the hospital. 14 Oct 2014

Forty-One Bishops Oppose New Vatican Document

Vatican -- Opposition increases in Rome as gays celebrate, traditional Catholics fret, bishops complain, and no one seems to be able to explain exactly what the document released Monday means for the Catholic Church. 14 Oct 2014

US National Shot Dead in Saudi Capital Riyadh

(Reuters) - A U.S. national was shot dead and another wounded in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh on Tuesday, police said, in what appeared to be the first killing of a Westerner in years in a gun attack in the kingdom. 14 Oct 2014

Canada Begins Human Testing of Ebola Vaccine

Human trials of a potential Ebola vaccine, created by the Public Health Agency of Canada, began on Monday, with hopes that the much-needed drug can be mass-produced and shipped to affected West African nations within a few months. 14 Oct 2014

The New Jihadi Plan to Capture Baghdad

Iraq and Syria no longer exist as sovereign states with international borders. Instead, the vast territory from the gates of Baghdad to the gates of Aleppo is in the hands of the revolutionary actors of the Islamic State.  14 Oct 2014

Parents of ISIS Hostage Kassig: He Converted to Islam Willingly

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The parents of an Indiana aid worker threatened with beheading by the Islamic State group rejected suggestions that their son converted to Islam to save himself Monday, saying his interest in Eastern religions began long before he traveled to the Middle East. 14 Oct 2014

Cyclone Death Toll Mounts to 24 in South India

Hyderabad, October 14 (QNA) - The death toll has mounted to 24 in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh ravaged by Cyclone Hudhud, according to reports citing regional state government Tuesday. 14 Oct 2014

Mexican Activist Slain During Radio Broadcast

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Two gunmen shoved their way into a radio studio and opened fire on a local activist, killing him while he was broadcasting, prosecutors in the Mexican state of Sinaloa said. It was the first on-air killing in recent memory in Mexico. 14 Oct 2014

Iraqi Yazidi Girl Tells of Captivity with the Islamic State

MAQLUBA, Iraq (AP) — The young Yazidi girl rocked apprehensively as she described the ordeal that took her from her family, snatched from her home by militants in Iraq, then sold as a slave in Syria before finally escaping to Turkey. 14 Oct 2014

Obama's Chicago Crony In Charge of Handing Internet to Tyrants

The Obama administration's calamitous policy of abandoning U.S. control of Internet domain names is being handled by none other than his controversial Chicago crony, Penny Pritzker. Pritzker, the Hyatt billionaire and subprime mortgage lender who withdrew her name from consideration for Secretary of Commerce in 2008 only to be confirmed in 2012, was also a major Obama donor and bundler during his presidential campaigns. 14 Oct 2014

North Korea Leader Reappears in Public with Cane

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, smiling broadly and supporting himself with a cane, appeared Tuesday in state media for the first time in nearly six weeks, ending an absence that fed global speculation that something was amiss with the country's most powerful person. 13 Oct 2014

Hong Kong Protesters Boost Barricades After Clash

HONG KONG (AP) — A mob of masked men opposed to Hong Kong's pro-democracy demonstrators led an apparently coordinated assault on the protest zone in the heart of the city's financial district Monday, tearing down barricades and clashing with police. 13 Oct 2014

Second US Ebola Victim Identified as 26-Year-Old Nina Pham

26-year-old nurse Nina Pham was among the first staffers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to treat Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, the first confirmed Ebola case on US soil. Pham has been identified as the second confirmed case of the virus in America, and the first to contract the virus from another patient in the United States. 13 Oct 2014

Bolivia's Morales Coasts to 3rd Term as President

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Evo Morales coasted to victory in Bolivia's presidential elections, winning an unprecedented third term as voters rewarded the former coca grower for delivering economic and political stability in what has traditionally been one of South America's most ungovernable nations. 13 Oct 2014

Cyclone Hudhud Batters India, Kills 8

HYDERABAD, India (AP) — More than 1,000 rescue workers and soldiers cleared piles of uprooted trees and electrical poles blocking roads on Monday after powerful Cyclone Hudhud slammed into India's eastern coast, killing at least eight people and demolishing tens of thousands of mud huts. 13 Oct 2014

North Korea: Remains of US Soldiers Being Moved

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea said Monday that the remains of American soldiers killed during the Korean War were being neglected and "carried away en masse," in an apparent effort to pressure Washington to resume recovery efforts that could also lead to much-needed money for the impoverished country. 13 Oct 2014

Triple Suicide Bombing in Iraq Kills 58 People

BAGHDAD (AP) — A triple suicide bombing Sunday killed at least 58 people in Iraq as a roadside bomb killed the police chief of the western Anbar province, authorities said, attacks that dealt major blows to Iraqi security forces struggling to combat the Islamic State extremist group. 13 Oct 2014

Fierce Fighting Resumes in Syrian Kurdish Town of Kobani

SURUC, Turkey (AP) — A suicide bomber from the Islamic State extremist group detonated his explosives-laden vehicle in Kobani on Monday, as fierce fighting with Kurdish militiamen resumed in the northern Syrian town near the Turkish border. 13 Oct 2014

Hitler's Favorite Art Now Being Sold

Artwork that was favored by Adolf Hitler and shunned by museums and collectors since World War II is now being sold by art dealers looking to make some significant cash, with some selling for as much as $150,000. 13 Oct 2014


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