California County Demands Photo ID to See New Voting Machines

California is one of many states that do not require photo identification for voters at polling places. The state government believes, as do many Democrats and the Obama administration, that requiring photo ID for voting is a subtle form of racist voter suppression, akin to the old Jim Crow laws of the pre-civil-rights-era South.

However, one California county is requiring photo ID from all who wish to see a test of new voting technology on May 2. The Contra Costa Times reports: "Election observers will be subject to observer guidelines that include providing picture identification and signing in to be admitted to the testing observation area."

In the past, voters in several jurisdictions have questioned whether new voting technology is vulnerable to fraud or interference. Hence Contra Costa County is allowing election observers and "anyone else who is interested" to see its new technology in advance. However, it will be requiring photo ID to do so--for reasons unknown.


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