Holocaust Organization Trains Children of Holocaust Survivors to Shoot in L.A.

A prominent Holocaust organization is teaching children of Holocaust survivors to do something many Jewish people did not or could not do during World War II--namely, to fight back.

Children of Holocaust Survivors teaches these people the basics--how to load the gun, how to aim the gun, and how to shoot it.

According to Haaretz.com, Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors organized the recent shoot at the Angeles Shooting Range and the focus on preparation was balanced by a focus on keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive.

Lea Rosenfeld attended the shoot. She reflected on the Holocaust and said, "My question has always been why they didn't fight back, and my mother could never give me a good answer."

Rosenfeld added: "They weren't prepared for it, they didn't believe it was going to happen and they didn't have anything to fight back with." 

The shooting event is led by former Israeli Defense Forces lieutenant Itamar Gelbman.

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