California Driver Steals Red-Light Camera

A California teenager accused of crashing into a red-light camera pole and subsequently stealing both the pole and the camera was arrested on Saturday morning in Marysville, according to CBS Sacramento. 19-year-old Manuel Montano Herrara was charged with hit-and-run and grand theft.

Arnold Romero, who works nearby and witnessed the incident, told CBS that he saw "debris flying from one of the camera poles."

"The pole ended up flipping over into the back of the bed of the vehicle...the vehicle sped off and actually stopped at the next light and turned the corner from there and took off," he added.

According to the Daily Mirror, local police found Herrara later that morning at a friend's house, where he was trying to ditch the pole and camera. Herrara reportedly told police he did not report the incident because he was running late for work.

The pole and camera have since been recovered, although city officials estimated that repairs will cost several thousand dollars.


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