CA-33: Republican Elan Carr Launches Jobs Message on Eve of Primary

BEVERLY HILLS -- Give Republican Elan Carr credit. Not only has he fought for--and won--near-universal acknowledgment as a frontrunner in Henry Waxman's district, but the Army veteran and county prosecutor is already preparing for the general election. 

That's the takeaway from a statement the Carr campaign issued on the eve of the June 3 primary election, focusing on ways to stop the steady flight of jobs from Southern California to other states.

Citing recent relocations by Toyota, Imageworks, and Occidental Petroleum, Carr promised to "fight to stop the hemorrhage of quality jobs to other states and countries," and to "work with those same companies to address their concerns and return them to our great state and to our 33rd district." 

Carr's campaign spokesman, John van Winkle, added: "Too many career politicians continue to thumb their noses at businesses of all sizes."

Jobs and the economy remain, by far, the top priorities for California voters, and Carr is clearly hoping to tap into those concerns. He is also, once again, stealing a march on his opponents, striking first on a key issue--just as he was the first of the 18 candidates to run television ads. 

Though Carr has not invested as much in his ground game, and has exhausted his primary cash, his strategy has helped him contend in the liberal 33rd.

Two years ago, businessman Bill Bloomfield came within less than ten point of defeating Waxman--but that was only after declaring himself an independent and spending millions of his own dollars. 

Carr has not spent any of his own money, and has used careful messaging to punch above his political weight. He has also benefited from an unusually divided field of ten Democrats: only the top two candidates will advance, regardless of party.

Speaking to Breitbart News on Monday afternoon, Carr says that he is "cautiously optimistic" about his chances of qualifying for the runoff. He would not divulge poll details, but said that his poll numbers suggest that with strong turnout from Republican voters, "we could have a very good day tomorrow." 

His campaign moves in recent days have reflected that optimism--not just the early "pivot" to jobs, but fundraising for the general.

Last week, the Carr campaign held a private fundraiser, hosted by Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. Carr would go on the record about what Adelson had said at the meeting, but noted that Adelson had spoken passionately about the race for 15 minutes. 

On Election Night, Carr is not planning a large rally, since the evening coincides with the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (Pentecost). Instead, he will host a gathering at his home with family, friends, and colleagues.

Clearly, Republicans would love the chance to score an upset in a district virtually owned by Waxman for decades. 

No one--not even the left--thinks it impossible that Carr might do it.


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