Government Bribes Filmmakers Into Diversity Quotas with 46 Million Taxpayer Dollars

In exchange for government funding, filmmakers desperate for funding or willing to sell out their artistic integrity will be required to meet diversity quotas that include ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. If you do not meet the minimum criteria on your application, Deadline reports, " A diversity expert is brought in to help implement the guidelines."

In other words, using $46 million that belongs to taxpayers, the government is bribing artists to make the kind of art the government thinks they should make.

The good news is that this is not happening in America, at least not yet. The government using $46 million taxpayer dollars to bribe the film industry into their diversity quotas is the British government through the British Film Institute.

The sad fact is that if this can happen in Britain, it can happen here. Hollywood has already shown a willingness to censor and compromise its artistry for the totalitarian government of China.

Hollywood's willing, so we're just one executive order away…

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