Flash Report: Beware Mailers from Fake Republican Groups

John Hrabe of the Flash Report reports that a shady group calling itself the "California Republican Taxpayers Association" has been sending slate mailers that actually support tax hikes to registered Republican voters in the state. The group, which Hrabe says may be operating in violation of state law, purports to oppose taxes but--for the right price--misleads Republican voters by backing candidates and ballot measures that will raise taxes.
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Blue State Blues: California Republicans Waste Crucial Rebuilding Year

Republicans considered the 2014 elections a chance to rebuild and rebrand the party--to make the most of a losing scenario by angling the party for long-term growth. Wealthy donors poured money into the gubernatorial primary, for example, boosting millennial-friendly Treasury official Neel Kashkari past firebrand Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. Yet as Nov. 4 nears, the state GOP is adrift, politically and ideologically, more broken than ever. 17 Oct 2014

FAA to Approve Commercial Drone Use Next Year

Although there is no law against recreational flying of drones that weigh less than 55 pounds, Congress passed legislation requiring the FAA to legalize commercial drone use by September 2015. As the world’s drone masters, a new American industry is about to be launched. 17 Oct 2014

Ex-L.A. Councilman Alarcon Latest to Be Jailed For Lying About Residency

On Tuesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli became the latest participant in California’s criminal justice system to send a strong message to elected officials in California that it is against the law to reside outside of the district you were elected to represent, and that the consequences of doing so will be harsh, and permanent. 16 Oct 2014


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