Early Thanksgiving on Skid Row Provides 'Blessings' With the Help of Friends

SKID ROW, LOS ANGELES, California -- "Prayer changes things," said Latasha Knighten as she stood in the heart of the one of the most dangerous and destitute areas of Downtown Los Angeles. She was one of over 30 volunteers helping to deliver an early Thanksgiving meal last week to some 300 people who wouldn't have had the opportunity to experience it otherwise. 
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Oakland to Require Developers to Sponsor Public Art

Oakland, following the lead of San Francisco, will require private developers to include funds for public art in their projects. The City Council passed legislation proposed by former Councilwoman Libby Schaaf, who was elected the mayor of Oakland in November’s election, that forces developers to allocate 1% of their projects’ costs for public art, to either be displayed in their venues or given to a city arts fund. 23 Nov 2014

LA Car Show is all about Driverless Cars

The 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show that opened on Friday and runs through November 30 is pushing the concept that self-driving cars are inevitable. Over the next fifteen years Detroit intends to make obsolete all 264 million vehicles in America. 23 Nov 2014

ISIS Refugees Come to Sacramento

A Sacramento church hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner for dozens of refugees who fled Iraq from fear of ISIS. One refugee, Bassil Mahid, said he is still afraid. He told a local news reporter, “[It’s] very hard to live.” 23 Nov 2014

Ackerman: Obama's Executive Amnesty Is Like the Emancipation Proclamation

Last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi compared President Barack Obama's declaration of executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens to President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil War. In a Los Angeles Times op-ed, Yale constitutional scholar Bruce Ackerman does the same. Just as Lincoln freed the slaves but left many questions open, Ackerman argues, Obama's amnesty will "initiate" further debate. 23 Nov 2014

Obama's Executive Amnesty: We Are All Californians Now

While President Barack Obama's executive amnesty is unpopular nationwide, and only enjoys 47% nationally among Latino voters, Californians surveyed in August were broadly supportive of the measure. That marks a remarkable turnaround since Proposition 187, which sought to exclude illegal immigrants from most public services, passed twenty years ago--and may be a sign of political shifts to come across the rest of the country. 23 Nov 2014

Clinton Allies Think Support for Obama's Amnesty Was 'Smart Move'

In a lengthy piece at The Hill this weekend, Amie Parnes takes a look at "What Hillary allies fear the most." Such analyses are always to be taken with a grain of salt, since the default assumption must be that the mainstream media are generally interested in seeing a Hillary Clinton candidacy succeed. Still, one of the more interesting tidbits is that the Clinton camp apparently believes she was right to embrace Obama's executive amnesty. 23 Nov 2014

Tech Start-up Fundings Crash 40% since April

TechCrunch is the leading website to follow technology start-up fundings. As a tool to identify funding trends, Todd Schneider updates a weekly chart called the “TechCrunch Bubble Index” (TCBI) to track the trend in new fundings. High-tech companies have been a huge beneficiary of globalized trade. But as that trend seems to have peaked since April, the number of tech start-up fundings has crashed by 40%. 22 Nov 2014

Sacramento Reacts to Obama's Amnesty

Sacramento citizens had widely disparate reactions to Barack Obama’s granting of amnesty to illegal immigrants on Thursday night. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, who has reacted in highly critical fashion to Obama’s purported immigration moves after two of his deputies were killed by an alleged illegal immigrant, said, “This is not immigration reform. 22 Nov 2014

Latin Grammys Get Political With Reaction to Obama's Amnesty Speech

The 15th annual Latin Grammy Awards took ample opportunity on Thursday night to express their sentiments and outright support for President Barack Obama's decision to proceed with executive amnesty; a move that will provide protection for up to 5 million people who are in the United States illegally if implemented. 21 Nov 2014

GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: Worst Week in California Politics

Capitol Weekly, one of Sacramento’s most credible news sources that reports on political and policy goings-on in the Golden State, has bestowed their “Singin’ Those Golden State Blues” award for the worst week in California politics to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, tagging him with the ultimate responsibility for the failure to pick up even one of nine Congressional seats in California that were competitive. 21 Nov 2014

China Fails to Pass Communist Restrictions at Internet Confab

The theme of China’s first World Internet Conference held just out of Shanghai this week was an “interconnected world, shared and governed by all”. But the communist authorities tried to get conference attendees to approve a highly repressive 9 point manifesto called the Wuzhen Declaration that was slipped under hotel room doors after midnight on the last day of the conference. 21 Nov 2014

Six High School Students Arrested After Violent... Food Fight

A lunchtime campus brawl at a Santa Barbara County, California high school turned violent, producing vicious attacks on law enforcement officers with food, water bottles, and punches being thrown. The fight resulted in a 90-minute lockdown of the school, as well as six student arrests. 21 Nov 2014

California Dems, Amnesty Activists Hail Obama's Executive Action

“Executive action taken today is not a final solution,” said Democrat California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León of Obama’s Thursday evening announcement of reprieves for foreign nationals currently illegally present in the United States. Resounding applause for Obama and criticism of Congressional Republicans marked comments from León, Democrat Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and California amnesty advocates that echoed Obama’s Thursday evening deportation deferral address and lauded California “landmark legislation.” 21 Nov 2014


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