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State Sen. Rod Wright Gets 90 Days for Perjury

Democratic State Senator Roderick Wright was sentenced on Friday to 90 days in jail, three years of probation, and 1,500 hours of community service after being convicted on federal perjury and voting fraud charges in January. Wright is also banned for life from holding public office. 12 Sep 2014

San Diego School District Buys MRAP Armored Tank From DOD

Despite widespread disenchantment with increased militarization of local law enforcement agencies across the nation, the San Diego Unified School District police recently added a mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle, or MRAP, to their arsenal of emergency vehicles. 12 Sep 2014

President Obama Declares Napa Earthquake Area Major Disaster

President Barack Obama has accepted Governor Jerry Brown's request to declare a major disaster for Napa and Solano Counties following the crippling 6.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the region on Aug. 24, making emergency federal funds available to victims of the natural disaster. 12 Sep 2014

Maria Shriver Was Erased from Schwarzenegger Portrait

When former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived at the unveiling of his official portrait in the state Capitol this week, someone was conspicuously missing from his portrait: his former wife, Maria Shriver. Sources told the San Francisco Chronicle that the original portrait by Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein, commissioned while Schwarzenegger was governor, showed Shriver on a button on her husband’s lapel. But now, that lapel is covered with blue paint. 12 Sep 2014

L.A. 'Epicenter of Narco-dollar Money Laundering'

Early Wednesday morning, approximately 1,000 law enforcement officials raided Los Angeles businesses throughout the city’s Fashion District, resulting in nine arrests and what has now been determined to be over $100 million in cash seizures, according to Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for federal prosecutors. The raid resulted from in-depth investigations into black market laundering of drug trade profits involving foreign drug cartels. 12 Sep 2014

Genentech's Former CEO and Google to Try Curing Parkinson's Disease

Calico, a company led by former Genetech CEO Art Levinson and backed by Mountain View-based Google Inc. said on September 11th that it had inked a $1.5 billion, 10-year research and commercialization deal with AbbVie Inc. to develop treatments for Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig's disease, plus treat traumatic brain injury., according to a report by the San Francisco Business Times. 12 Sep 2014

Napa Earthquake Claims First Victim

Two weeks after Napa Valley recorded the worst earthquake it has experienced in recent history, the 6.0 quake has claimed the life of a 65-year-old woman who died as a result of a brain injury she incurred when she was struck in the head by a television. 11 Sep 2014

Brown Signs Mandatory Sick Leave Bill

If you are an employer in the private sector in California, you can thank California Governor Jerry Brown. On Wednesday, he signed AB 1522, the bill authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) that guarantees three paid sick days for all workers in the state. 11 Sep 2014

Hispanic Millennials Key to 28% of California Vote

Latinos represent the fastest growing segment of California’s population and its electorate. In August, Univision released a survey, “Winning with Hispanics in the Midterms: The Why, The How and the What” that showed Latinos comprise 28% of the Golden State’s eligible voters and 24% of its registered voters. The poll found that about a quarter of Hispanic voters in California are age 18 to 34--i.e., millennials. Because this fast growing demographic disproportionately influences their parents' politics, Hispanic millennials are the key to up to 28% of the California vote. 11 Sep 2014

New UC Davis Treatment for Depression Uses Magnets to the Head

Scientists, led by a UC Davis researcher, are trying a novel technique to deal with issues of the mind that plague people: deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (DTMS). Using magnetic pulses sent through the brain from a helmet, the scientists hope to address problems such as obesity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder, and quitting smoking. 11 Sep 2014

UC to Invest $1 Billion in Climate Change Companies

The University of California, keeping pace with the state government’s obsession with climate change, is proposing to invest $1 billion over five years in companies and researchers that are seeking solutions solving climate change, the Sacramento Business Journal reports. 11 Sep 2014

Why Borders Matter

Borders matter. That became crystal clear this past week, when Tesla picked a location just over the border in Nevada, instead of locating its new battery factory in its largest market, California. he regulatory and tax burden is significantly lower just over that imaginary line. Where California is punitive, Nevada is welcoming. 11 Sep 2014

Special Delivery: Kashkari Drives 6,500 Paper Bags to Brown in Tesla

SACRAMENTO, California -- Neel Kashkari made quite the statement on Wednesday as he pulled up to the State Capitol in a Tesla and delivered 6,500 paper bags intended for Governor Jerry Brown in order to capitalize on Brown's failure to woo the automaker from building its $5 billion gigafactory in California and, as a result, costing the Golden State 6,500 jobs.  11 Sep 2014

Californians Finally Show Restraint in Water Usage

California urban residents cut water usage in July by 7.5 % compared to July of last year. According to the survey, the July water usage decline shows substantial progress from June and May statistics, which revealed a 4.4 % June water usage decrease over last year and a 1 % decrease in May water usage over the prior year. 10 Sep 2014

Democrats' Proposed New Tax Hits... Fuel-Efficient Cars

Liberal lawmakers who have advocated over the years for more gas efficient and hybrid automobiles to reduce carbon emissions are now upset with the diminished tax revenue brought in by lower fuel consumption. Consequently, they are now pushing for a “road usage charge” to replace the current tax law and regain the lost revenue. 10 Sep 2014

'He Knows Us:' Jeff Gorell Highlights Strong Bipartisan Record in First TV Ad

Congressional candidate and Afghanistan war veteran Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) launched the first television ad of his campaign on Tuesday, entitled "He Knows Us." The 30-second "positive" TV spot features Democratic and Republican leaders, especially women, as well as several Ventura County residents and workers who discuss several issues Gorell would tackle on behalf of California if elected to Congress. 10 Sep 2014

Top Ten Terrible Bills Governor Brown Should Veto

California is home to the most liberal legislature in the country. Of course, the only “check” on the liberal legislature is the equally liberal Governor Jerry Brown, who has a short period of time to sign or veto legislation. While it was difficult to narrow down the list of really bad bills, below is a list of the worst of the worst--the top ten bills that Governor Brown should veto. 10 Sep 2014

Kashkari: Sacramento 'Creates Poverty;' Ready for Round 2 With Brown

NEWPORT BEACH, California -- On Tuesday evening, less than one week after the GOP's Neel Kashkari persevered in the first (and only) gubernatorial debate against Governor Jerry Brown, the candidate addressed an eager crowd of supporters at the Republican Party of California’s grand opening of its election headquarters in Newport Beach. 10 Sep 2014


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