VIDEO: Harriet Harman Responds to Daily Mail Paedophile Link Claims

Embattled Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman has broken her long-standing silence over the Daily Mail's recent expose which alleged that she and two other leading Labour Party figures had links to the 'Paedophile Information Exchange' (PIE) group.

Harman, speaking to the BBC's Newsnight programme on Monday night, told Laura Kuenssberg, "They've [Daily Mail] made these allegations before and they're so outlandish and so far from the truth that in the past I've thought 'don't dignify them with a response', people won't believe them, they'll just go away..."

But the claims haven't gone away, as the Mail has drip fed further information into the public sphere day after day, with even Labour leader Ed Miliband making a statement today flanked by dozens of Labour MPs. 

He said, "Harriet Harman is someone of huge decency and integrity... I know she has a long and proud record of being on the right side of all of these issues, and frankly that is absolutely clear". 

In her attempts to justify why the National Council on Civil Liberties (NCCL) allowed the PIE group to affiliate with it while Harman was Legal Secretary, the Labour Deputy Leader replied: "NCCL was an organisation where any organisation could pay their affiliation and join it. And that's the way it was."

When asked three times as to whether Harman regarded the affiliation of the two groups as "a mistake", she eventually replied, "On the basis that it has created somehow a sense that NCCL's work was tainted by them, yes obviously that is a very unfortunate inference to happen".

Harman also appeared to throw the gauntlet down towards the Daily Mail, stating, "I think if there's anybody who has over the years supported indecency, it is much more the Daily Mail rather than me and that is the frank truth of it".



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