Local Government Isn't All Boring, Video of Budget Debate Shows

Local government isn't all snores and bores, if the video below is anything to go by. And yes, it is a budget debate at Harrow Council. Could anything sound more snooze-inducing?

But Councillor Paul Osborn took to his feet to mock and berate the Labour opposition's spending and budget amendments, at one point noting, "It took 100 hours per change that he's proposing".

Osborn – who championed the idea of allowing filming and tweeting from inside the council chamber – went on to say that maybe this was fair enough, as "[the opposition] did have to start again last week when they found out the difference between revenue and capital".

I suppose I've always thought of council meetings as a bunch of old folks debating about a few pennies here and there. But Osborn and co. make it feel a lot more like the House of Commons than a local authority.



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