Senior Diplomat Says Lack of Marshall Plan Cost Crimea

The Crimea is a "lost cause" and the West has "failed due to the lack of a (US) Marshall Plan", a senior, London-based diplomat from a former Soviet Union country told Breitbart London.

The pro-Western diplomat, who is from a country that is forced to designate itself pro-Russian, was scathing about the West’s behaviour after the fall of Communism.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London he said: "Eastern bloc countries are faced with a tough choice: Russia or nothing.

"We want to be western but the EU doesn’t offer us trade, or aid or security. If the U.S. had stepped in with a Marshall Plan the Ukraine would be a very different place. So would other countries.

"But the EU and U.S. have forgotten their friends in the former USSR, and in hard times we have no choice but to turn to Russia. We need the Marshall plan back."

The diplomat’s reference is to the U.S.'s project after WWII to stop the spread of communism, named after Secretary of State George Marshall. The plan, which had cross party support in the U.S., gave money to anti-Soviet governments in Europe from the 1960's until the USSR collapsed.

It ensured that countries like Britain and France did not go into economic decline due to damaged infrastructure inflicted by the war. This in turn meant that they didn't turn to extremism, specifically communism.

The comments come as the crisis in Crimea worsens. The Guardian reports that Russian troops are now pressuring Ukrainian forces to disarm.


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