Cameron Defends His Foreign Nanny

Following yesterday’s speech by James Brokenshire on the middle-class encouraging immigration, David Cameron has been forced to defend his use of a foreign nanny.

Brokenshire, the new immigration minister, spoke of a "wealthy metropolitan elite" profiting from cheap overseas labour. But for several years the Camerons have employed a nanny from Nepal, prior to that they had an Australian.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister confirmed the Nanny, Gita Lima, had now become a British Citizen and said:  "We have always said we want people who want to work hard and get on. Do we want the brightest and the best? Yes we do. And that would absolutely include, for example, Mr and Mrs Cameron’s nanny as someone who wants to work hard and get on."

"As a result of coming to this country and working hard and getting on, she is now a British citizen."

The debate over the use of foreign employees intensified as James Brokenshire also launched an attack on the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, who he accused of “asserting falsehoods” on immigration.

Brokenshire said: "Vince Cable said rising immigration is 'good news'. Well, I’ve news for him. Mass immigration puts pressure on social cohesion, on public services and infrastructure, and – yes – it can force down wages and displace local people from the job market.

"The winners are the haves like Vince, but the people who lose out are from working-class families, they’re ethnic minorities and recent immigrants themselves. Try telling them that rising immigration is good news."

Nick Clegg has also been criticised for employing a Belgian as part of his domestic staff. All of the staff in question are entitled to work in the United Kingdom.


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