‘George Osborne’s Like a Character from House of Cards’ says Former Young Tory Boss

Tom Bursnall, the former National Chairman of the Conservative Party’s youth wing, has branded the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne “a character from House of Cards”. The attack came as Mr Osborne prepares to disappoint Conservatives by keeping middle earners in the 40p tax bracket.

Cllr Bursnall claims that Osborne’s policies can be explained because he has little interest in ‘true Conservatism’ and instead is like a power hungry character from House of Cards.

Bursnall, who defected to UKIP in protest at the 2012 budget, told Breitbart London: “Osborne is so obsessed with being seen as a friend to the working class, or hard working families as he likes to frame it, that he has forgotten the struggling middle class.

“I left the Conservatives when I recognised that those who lead the party are not actually true low tax Conservatives.  Instead their primary pursuit is power, like some character from the House of Cards.

“I believe people can spend their own money better than some bureaucrat in Whitehall, and that people spending more of their own money on the streets of Britain will help move our economy forward.”

In the series House of Cards, Congressman Frank Underwood was willing to do almost anything to attain high office: including murder. The Netflix version, starring Kevin Spacey CBE, was a remake of a British television series from 1990 which itself was taken from a book of the same name written by Lord Dobbs.

Tom Bursnall was National Chairman of Conservative Party youth wing, called Conservative Future, in 2000. He is now a Councillor in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.


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