UKIP is the 'go to' Party as 19 London Councillors Defect in 12 months

In the last 12 months 19 London Councillors have defected to UKIP, making the party the most popular destination for disaffected local politicians. The figures, released by UKIP themselves, show that 15 Conservatives and 4 Labour Councillors have ‘jumped ship’ over the last year.

The defections will please UKIP strategists, who have been working on broadening the party’s appeal to former Labour voters. They recognise the need to move beyond their traditional voting base, to take councils and parliamentary seats in the capital.

Cllr Tom Bursnall, UKIP National Executive Member, said: “These defections show that UKIP is now the ‘go to’ party for anyone who wants to make a real difference in their community. Although the Conservatives claim that all our support comes from them, these defections show UKIP also attract patriotic old Labour supporters who take pride in their country, and can see how uncontrolled immigration can negatively impact their communities.

“In May, London goes to the polls for the local elections, we are the party with real momentum ahead of that vote. I predict we will do very well indeed, not just in London but across the whole country. Its just a matter of time before we start taking parliamentary seats.”

Today's YouGov Poll puts UKIP on 10%, neck and neck with the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives are on 34%, and Labour on 39%.


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