Former Deputy Speaker: ‘Young Man Came to my Room and Stripped Off’

The former Deputy Speaker, Nigel Evans MP, admitted to having sex with the 22-year-old man who is accusing him of rape. However, he insisted the act was consensual, in police tapes played at his trial at Preston Crown Court.

Mr Evans, 55 of Pendleton Lancashire, told detectives he was “staggered” to have been accused of rape. And that the man in question was due to sleep in the spare room of his home, but instead got into the MPs bed naked.

Evans also claimed that the man was “no wilting flower” who was more than capable of saying he did not want sex to take place. He claimed that they had kissed after a party and the man had followed him into his room.

On the Police tapes the MP said: "Did I have sexual contact with him? The answer is yes. Was it non-consensual? The answer is no. At what stage he thought what was going to happen was not consensual? I'm a bit mystified.

"Had he not wished to have any sexual contact with me he could have said so, which he never did. He could have gone up to his own bed.

"He said: 'Should I follow you in?' And he did. He took his own clothes off. I did not lead him in or push him in or any of that. As far as I was concerned everything that occurred was consensual.

"I'm somewhat staggered by the allegations he is now making."

Mr Evans was a well known and popular figure in Westminster and was Deputy Speaker of the Commons, before he resigned the post after his arrest. 

The allegation of rape was reported to the Police by the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, after he was approached by Dr Sarah Wollaston, Conservative  MP for Totnes. Mr Evans was arrested five weeks after the alleged incident in March 2013.


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