VIDEO: Lib Dem Lord's Grandson's Rap 'the worst song AND video ever'?

The grandson of a Liberal Democrat Lord and Lady has launched a rap career with a video that The Sun newspaper has labelled as the "worst rap song and video ever".

David Palmer – the grandson of Lord and Lady Palmer of Childs Hill – raps as 'Dave In Charge'.

The Sun (£) reports

In the video, Palmer raps in a reedy-voiced upper-class accent while gesturing awkwardly... The posh rapper reckons he can understand life in poor ghettos despite his charmed upbringing because of his political family. 

David, who lives with his parents in upmarket north London suburb Golders Green, said: “I discovered rap from a young age. I think it was probably during my Year 6 disco at school that I first heard The Real Slim Shady, by Eminem...

David reckons Habitat [his new rap song], filmed in Hampstead Heath, "challenges social perceptions of the environment and acts as a mirror for society to hold up against itself to force us to stop damaging Mother Nature".



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