Topless Protesters Invade Turkish PM's Polling Station

A radical feminist group have launched a protest against Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan following his decision to ban YouTube and Twitter in his country.

Bare-chested activists from the Femen group invaded the polling station where the premier had been due to vote. They had written the words "Ban Erdogan" across their chests.

The protestors were quickly arrested and escorted away by police, who also covered their breasts, according to International Business Times.

The group had already threatened to disrupt another polling station where the Prime Minister had been intending to vote, forcing him to change location.

Earlier, one of the activists had posted a topless photo on Twitter with her chest bearing the code to circumvent Turkey’s Twitter ban, accompanied by the hashtag #DirenTwitter (Twitter Resistance).

The protests appeared to do little to harm the ruling party, however, who swept to victory in yesterday’s local elections, with a significant improvement on last year’s results.

Erdogan last week added YouTube to the list of social networks blocked in the country. Three members of his government had to resign after a series of leaked documents and videos posted on social networking sites implicated them in a corruption scandal.

Femen are a radical feminist group who were founded in Paris in 2008. They have become famous for their exhibitionism, staging bare-breasted protests France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Tunisia and even the Vatican.


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