It is just 30 Days Until the European elections – Breitbart London has it covered...

Today on Breitbart London you will have noticed that we have well over a dozen (and more to come) articles about the European elections that are set to take place between the 22nd and 25th of May. That's because today marks the 30-day countdown – and by and large, Britons and Europeans are still clueless about who they're voting for and why they're voting.

I'm British. I'm technically a European (though frankly, it's a stretch!), and on May 22nd I have to vote – but honestly even I have no idea what the heck is going on half the time. That's the team at Breitbart London have prepared some guidance not just for Europeans and Brits, but also for our American cousins, so we can all try to understand this political circus a little better.

Firstly, check out our quick-fire interview with UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Want a quick bluffer's guide to the elections? Check out Nick Hallett's piece here. Want to know if the change in government really means anything? Mary Ellen Synon has you covered. I've written about the phenomenon of UKIP, and James Delingpole reflects here on their latest, controversial advertising campaign.

Alex Wickham discusses how the elections will impact Britain going into a general election next year, and we even have an analysis of how the situation in Ukraine may be affected.

Decline of the BNP? We've got it. Want to know about Britain's smaller political parties? Look no further

Read about how the Conservative Party is in decline, and how they're battling to save their one Scottish seat, while Andre Walker tells you how the Liberal Democrats might get wiped out completely.

And then of course, you'll want to know who the next 'top dogs' in Europe are. We've profiled them, so when you hear that funny Finnish or Polish name on the news next month, you'll already have the jump on who the heck they are.

Lastly, you're probably itching to know who we think will WIN the European Elections, in Britain at least! Well, Nick Hallett's article headline might give the game away... or will it? Later on in the day we'll have another analysis which might stir the pot. Look forward to it!

And here is why it matters...

Every few years. I think like, five, or four, or something... we engage in this bizarre pantomime called the European Elections. Every country in Europe pretends that it makes a difference who they vote for, and the media goes nuts pretending the results of this charade make any difference whatsoever.

Well call me a cynic, because as much money as British political parties spend on getting elected to Brussels, the truth is neither we nor our representatives can really do much to stem the tide of euro-federalism, without a major, nationally-driven response to the EU's encroachment.

Despite what David Cameron might tell you, negotiating with the European Union over what it can and can't tell you to do is an entirely futile gesture. If they tell us to use certain lightbulbs, we must. If they tell us to allow our countryside to flood, we must. If they tell us to eat 300 fish tacos and wash them down with bleach... I dunno, we probably would have to do that too.

So this is the end of British democracy right? Even Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission has publicly admitted that some 70 percent of British laws and regulations have their basis in Brussels. So why not just open up the British Parliament as a theme park, and do away with our legislative chambers?

The answer is, at the heart of it, that no Brit is willing to put up with this status quo for much longer. We're not willing to pay £55m per day for membership of the EU any more. We're not willing to mindlessly implement diktats and demands from Brussels or Strasbourg, and we certainly don't want to be held to account to European standards for bank bailouts and common fisheries policies. I'd love to believe my own words, and I'm hopeful when I say: the jig is up.

Like the Bundys in Nevada, fighting the long-arm of distant, demanding federal government, Britons are increasingly seeking refuge in the arms of the eurosceptic party, UKIP. This isn't just a British phenomenon either. 

Across the continent, even in Germany, voters are looking for a way out. 

On May 22nd, they'll have a chance to vote for one.

And even though the number of eurosceptics will only increasing marginally against the wider 700+ parliament, the tide can definitely be shown to be turning, and eurosceptic members may now end up with their own official parliamentary groupings, allowances, and committee roles.

This, make no mistake about it, is a significant development. And we at Breitbart London are on the ground in Britain and Europe, to help you make sense of it all. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and we'll be sure to clarify more as the campaign goes on.


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