Terminally Ill Teenager Talks of Recovery As His ‘Bucket List’ Fundraiser Passes £2m

A terminally ill British teenager, who had wanted to raise £1m for the Teenage Cancer Trust before he died has issued a statement on Facebook admitting that he genuinely thought he "was a goner" but that he had made a surprising partial recovery. The post coincided with Stephen Sutton’s fundraising efforts passing the £2m mark, with the total still rising.

The 19-year-old has suffered from cancer since he was 15 years old but last year was told it was inoperable. Amongst the 46 things he wanted to do before he died was to raise £10k for charity, however when he found this relatively easy he upped his ambitions to £1m.

On Tuesday Stephen issued a ‘final thumbs up’ from his hospital bed that led to funds coming in at a break neck speed. Brietbart London initially covered the story when Stephen achieved his £1m target but donations came in so quickly that in the time it took to write the piece the total had topped £1.3m.

Today Stephen remains in a "vulnerable" position in hospital but he has, once again, reaffirmed his desire to fight on. He said: "My recovery has been positive and quite unexpected. One doctor while seeing me even said how my medical notes and how I was actually doing didn't quite seem to match up. The progress since has continued to be good but steady.

"I am still in a very vulnerable position. I am very limited in what I can do and am still permanently hooked up to oxygen. But I am in high spirits and blessed to have so much love and support around me. To get to see the million pound fundraising target being reached was just phenomenal!

"The plan is to take things day by day. Just keep on keeping on like I always have. I will try and update when I can, but my health and staying alive is obviously my main priority at the moment aha. The battle is physically and mentally very demanding, but I am happy- and that's the main thing!"

Celebrity endorsements and retweets look set to continue to bring in donations, making it unclear how high the total will go. You can donate here.


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