EU Conference Sex Guidance: 'Not Everyone Enjoys the Same Level of Physical Contact'

The European Parliament’s official guide to the three-day propaganda-fest for 5,000 young people next weekend in Strasbourg includes sex tips and a warning about illegal underage sex.

The glossy 171-page guide to the €7m European Youth Event is called “Ideas for a better Europe.” Among the eurocrats’ ideas on page 149 is that the young people should “not engage in any sexual activities without obtaining explicit and informed consent of all persons present.”

The number of “all persons present” the eurocrats recommend in any particular sexual activity remains undisclosed.

The guide goes on: “Be aware that personal boundaries are different and not everyone enjoys the same level of physical contact. Consider this in your inter-actions and remember that others may misinterpret your actions.”

“Be aware that some participants are under 18. Act in accordance with any applicable laws and avoid situations where positions of trust can be misused.”

However, it is unlikely the young people will see the sex tips, because no one between 18 and 30 has the attention span to read to page 149 of anything.

If the president of the European Parliament really wants to get the message across, he needs to tweet: “Please don’t rape anyone, k? Thx. Lots of love, M. Schulz.”


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