Poll: 1 in 5 Brits think Angela Merkel is European Commission President

One in five Britons think that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is the head of the European Commission.

According to results found by Opinium for the Observer newspaper, just 27 percent of Britons correctly named Jose Manuel Barroso as the President of the European Commission, while 23 percent knew that Herman Van Rompuy is the President of the European Council. 

Last month, Breitbart London could not find one person on the streets of London that could correctly name Mr. Van Rompuy, or tell us what he did for a living.

The Observer reports that one in five Britons (19 percent) thought that Angela Merkel – who has held office as the German Chancellor since 2005 – was president of the European Commission.

The poll of nearly 2000 people also revealed that only around one in 10 (11 percent) said they could name one of their Members of the European Parliament, while 52 percent said they could name their local Member of Parliament. Only 31 percent said they could name one of their councillors.

The results were published in the same poll that revealed that UKIP is now polling at 20 percent in national, general election polls for next year.

The results are show that Opinium has discovered another UKIP rise of 2 points from its last poll. The Conservative Party is faring badly at 29 percent, with the Liberal Democrats up two on 9 points. Labour is still in the lead at 33 percent.

Assuming the other parties hold where they are, the threshold for UKIP to receive just one Member of Parliament according to Electoral Calculus is when it receives 23 percent of the overall vote share, just 10 percent less than the party that would be in government and have a Commons majority of 44.

An analysis from from Electoral Calculus shows that even with the latest results, UKIP would not gain an MP, while Labour would get a majority of 44 seats with a mandate of just one-third of the British electorate.


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