Now Hillary Clinton Says 'No' to Scottish Independence

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become the latest high profile figure to oppose Scottish independence after saying said she would "hate" Britain to "lose Scotland".

The Daily Mail reports that during a tour to promote her memoirs, the former First Lady told the BBC’s Newsnight programme: "I would hate to have you lose Scotland. I hope that it doesn't happen but I don't have a vote in Scotland. But I would hope it doesn't happen."

She also said that the "Special Relationship" between Britain and the United States was "worth everything to me and our country". She added: "I do think we see the world very similarly."

Mrs Clinton's intervention comes days after President Barack Obama gave his backing to the Union between England and Scotland. Speaking at a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron at last week's G7 summit, the president said that Britain works "pretty well" as a "united" nation.

"And we obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies we will ever have remains a strong, robust, united and effective partner," he said.

Earlier this week, author JK Rowling revealed she had made a million pound donation to the anti-independence 'Better Together' campaign. The creator of the Harry Potter stories was subsequently subjected to a torrent of abuse from independence supporters, with one charity tweeting that she was a "bitch". The charity later claimed its account had been hacked.

A spokesman for the pro-independence 'Yes Scotland' campaign responded to Mrs Clinton's comments by saying: "As she says, the decision about Scotland's future is one for the people of Scotland to make. After a Yes vote, the friendship between Scotland and the United States will flourish to the benefit of both nations."

Meanwhile, a 'Better Together' spokesman said the anti-independence campaign were 'grateful' for Mrs Clinton's support: "Hillary Clinton is a figure who is respected right across the world. Like President Obama, she understands that the UK is at its strongest when it works together.

"She has said 'no thanks' to Alex Salmond's attempts to divide the people of Britain. We are grateful for her support."


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