Could America be the World Cup's Backup Choice for Qatar 2022?

While Britain was sleeping, America suddenly became, and then unbecame, FIFA's backup choice for the World Cup in 2022.

Following claims of sleaze and corruption in awarding the host nation status to Qatar for the tournament in eight years time, ESPN's Jorge Ramos reported that the United States had been approached as a backup choice. 

America's media went momentarily wild, despite claims that the country is not keen on the sport. 

Alas within one hour, Ramos had deleted his original tweet, and the United States Soccer Federation (U.S. Soccer) had denied any knowledge of the matter, claiming, "They haven't asked us and I cannot imagine it happening anytime soon."

A short-lived fantasy, or an interesting premonition? 

Remember, if the World Cup doesn't work out so well for Brazil, there are rumours that London will be called upon to host the 2016 Olympics. 

Maybe West is best after all?


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