British Student Recruits for ISIS

A 20-year-old Cardiff medical student was last night revealed to be the Briton behind a video posted online to recruit new fighters for radical Islamist group ISIS.

Nasser Muthana appeared in the propaganda video urging other would-be jihadists to join him.

His father, Ahmed, told the media last night that he “wanted to cry” after finding out that his son was a jihadi fighter. "Is he going to kill?" his father asked. "He didn't think of the children, the women, elderly people. Someone is driving these kids to do this."

Nasser had originally been accepted into four universities to train to be a doctor, but he disappeared in November.

In the video, Nasser is identified by an alias, Abu Muthanna al-Yemeni, and said that the promised to take the fight to Iraq. He was currently across the border in Syria, fighting the forces of president Bashar al Assad.

The video comes after the Telegraph reported that a counter-terrorism specialist warned that Britain had become a “hub” for international jihad. He said the British-born extremists were “exporting” their expertise around the world.

Earlier this year, counter-extremism group Student Rights reported on the Islamic Society at City and Islington College in London, who shared a photo of ISIS fighter Iftikar Jaman on Facebook. This picture included a quote which read: “I did not come here for Doula [ISIS], nor did I come here for Jabhat [Al-Nusra]. I came here to be among those who are trying to make Allah’s word the highest”. The Islamic society said these words should be “an inspiration for us all”.

The group warned that this and other incidents represented a growing problem of radicalisation among vulnerable Muslim students, yet the National Union of Students denounced the group as “Islamophobic” last month passed a motion condemning it.

It remains to be seen what action the NUS will now take in light of increasing radicalisation of students.


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