Malaysian Passenger Plane 'Shot Down' in Ukraine Near Russian Border

A Malaysian passenger airliner with 295 people on board has been shot down in Ukraine near the Russian border, killing all on board.

Reuters reports that the aircraft, which had the flight code MH17, was a Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, and came down near the city of Donetsk.

Malaysia Airlines tweeted:

Interfax are now reporting that the plane was downed with a BUK surface-to-air missle while it was flying at a height of 10km (33,000ft). They also report that the Ukraine interior ministry is claiming the missile was fired by separatists.

Pro-Russia rebel leader Anton Gerashchenko is quoted as saying: "A civilian airliner travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has just been shot down by a Buk anti-aircraft system ... 280 passengers and 15 crew have been killed," although no one has claimed responsibility.

Ukraine's president Poroshenko has also denied that his country's armed forces were involved.

A video of the crash has also been posed on Youtube:

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