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'Sexual Jihad' Teen Girls May Face Five Years in Prison

Two teenage girls who fled Austria to become jihadi brides in the Islamic State earlier this year and have since expressed a desire to return may face prison sentences for being part of ISIS, a known terrorist organisation, a criminal lawyer warns. 16 Oct 2014

German Police Fear Riots as Far-Right Groups Unite Against Islamism

Marches have been taking place in major German towns and cities, leading police to fear a return to right wing hooliganism. A march in Frankfurt last weekend left no doubt as to the concerns of the protestors despite only involving around 50 people, according to a report in German newspaper Die Welt. "We will return the Salafists (jihadis) to where they belong" cry the organisers. 16 Oct 2014

School Cancels 'Enriching' Visit By Ghanian Teacher Over Ebola Fears

Although the British Council has already blocked all School visits to and from Ebola outbreak countries, a British school has gone one step further by postponing a planned visit by a Ghanaian teacher after a group of parents raised concerns, despite efforts by the headmaster to persuade to drop their objections. 16 Oct 2014

ISIS Video Shows British, French and German Jihadis Taunting West

A British jihadi has taunted the West and dared it to send in ground troops to fight ISIS in a new video, vowing that he and his fellow fighters will "chop off their heads". The man who calls himself Abu Abdullah is one of three men shown in the video entitled "Wait. We Too Are Waiting", produced by the Islamic State's propaganda arm. 16 Oct 2014

Ex-Tory MP Matthew Parris: Cyber-Kippers Aren't Nazis, But You Are Mentally Ill

He goes to extreme lengths to make it "clear" in his Spectator article that he is "not saying that the new populist right in Britain are proto-fascists, neo-fascists, or anything like the European fascists of the past century", but Times columnist and former Tory MP Matthew Parris knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote his latest piece entitled: "Reading the comments on my Ukip columns, I finally understand the Nazis" 16 Oct 2014

Italy Lifted Out of Recession Thanks to Sex and Drugs

Italy is no longer in recession, thanks to a new way of measuring growth and GDP across the European Union, as reported in ‘The Local’. The changes mean that illegal activities such as prostitution and drugs are now included in the calculations. 16 Oct 2014

The European Union Plan to Takeover UK NHS Response to Ebola

The European Commission is holding a high level meeting today (Tuesday) in Brussels to coordinate the response to the Ebola crisis. The European Commission was given powers over public health under the Lisbon Treaty including powers to "take initiative to promote Member State coordinate" and establish "guidelines and indicators, organise exchange of best practices, and prepare the necessary elements for periodic monitoring and evaluation". 16 Oct 2014

Cameron Says Britain Should Stand up for Hong Kong Rights

Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday Britain should stand up for the rights of people in Hong Kong, a former British colony, after more than two weeks of protests over Chinese restrictions on how the island chooses its next leader in 2017. 16 Oct 2014

Victory: Boris Backs Down From Smoking Ban

Boris Johnson has announced he will not introduce a smoking ban in public parks, despite his having floated the idea earlier today. The Mayor of London allowed his health advisers to propose the ban, but after widespread criticism including on Breitbart London. 15 Oct 2014

'Bank Secrecy is Dead' As European Union Agrees to Collude in Seeking Out Tax Avoiders

EU finance ministers have granted themselves new powers to collect and share bank account information including account balances, interest and dividend payments with tax authorities in other countries by 2017 after Luxembourg and Austria, who had been holding out against the deal, backed down. The deal prompted the EU’s tax commissioner Algirdas Semeta to victoriously declare “bank secrecy is dead.” 15 Oct 2014

EU to Discuss Palestine Sovereignty

As MPs in Westminster vote over recognising Palestine as a state in its own right over in Brussels, private meetings between senior figures point to possible sanctions on Israel if peace talks don't go their way. 15 Oct 2014

UK Judge: No Payout to Cleared Hacking Defendant

The judge in Britain's phone hacking trial said Wednesday that acquitted defendant Charles Brooks shouldn't be reimbursed for his legal costs because even though he was innocent, his behavior was "incredibly stupid" and suspicious. 15 Oct 2014

MPs Who Allowed Parliament to Vote for a Palestinian State Should be Ashamed

There is some obvious double-think at work in the bout of revelry following Parliament’s decision to recognize a Palestinian state. Critics of Israel constantly talk of the ill consequences of the Balfour Declaration; for its imposing the concept of nation-state on the Middle East, where it apparently had no place. Yet isn’t that line of argument going to entail that voting to recognize Palestinian statehood means more of that misguided, ‘post-colonialist’ ethos? Yes, of course it will 15 Oct 2014

Prime Minister's Questions: David Cameron's Freudian Slip

Today wasn't a good day for David Cameron. He was forced to answer allegations that his Welfare Minister Lord Freud had suggested disabled people shouldn't be paid the minimum wage. A throaty and obviously unwell Miliband demanded the Prime Minister answer the charge that Freud had suggested a figure of £2 an hour for some disabled people 15 Oct 2014

Texas Gov Rick Perry Issues London Battle-Cry For The West Against Radical Islam

Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas and U.S. Presidential hopeful delivered a strongly worded wake-up call for Britain at a private meeting in central London last night, where in a comprehensive foreign policy speech he rejected cultural relativism, warned about the creeping Islamification of Britain, and called for moral clarity in defeating Islamic extremism 15 Oct 2014

Hong Kong Police Attack on Activist Sparks Anger

Hong Kong police battling activists for control of an underpass in the dead of night Wednesday sparked public anger after officers were seen kicking a handcuffed protester in the worst violence since street demonstrations for greater democracy began more than two weeks ago. 15 Oct 2014

Serbia-Albania Match Abandoned over Drone Chaos

A Euro 2016 qualifying match between Serbia and Albania was abandoned after a drone carrying a pro-Albanian message was flown over the stadium late Tuesday, sparking violent scenes on and off the pitch. 15 Oct 2014

Tesco Suspends Three More Executives Amid Probe

Britain's biggest retailer Tesco said Tuesday that it has suspended three more executives after the troubled supermarket chain revealed last month that it had massively overstated its half-year profits forecast. 14 Oct 2014

Imam Calls Jews 'Pigs and Apes' in Mosque Rant

The infamous Mohammad-Cartoon Imam of a Danish Mosque is again in the news for inflammatory remarks, after a YouTube video of a Sermon he delivered in September went viral, revealing his angry anti-semitic rant in which he compared Jews to animals and called for Palestine to occupy Israel. 14 Oct 2014

BBC Airs 30 Minute 'Documentary' Moaning That Farage Won't Roll Over and Die

Last night the BBC's Panorama documentary programme aired a 30-minute 'investigation' into the UK Independence Party and its leader Nigel Farage. The results, however, were nothing like a balanced documentary into the rise of the eurosceptic party. Instead, the programme focused on 10-year-old allegations and former, disgruntled party members 14 Oct 2014

Twitter Responds to the BBC's Biased 'Farage Factor' Documentary

Last night the BBC aired a documentary called the 'Farage Factor' in which it implied that many years ago, Nigel Farage, when he wasn't the UKIP party leader, somehow redirected funds raised from a call centre to his own campaign in the South East of England, UKIP's strongest voting territory 14 Oct 2014

British Battalion to Train Syrian Rebels

An American plan to create a 15,000 strong army of Syrian "moderates" to oppose both President Assad and the Islamic State (ISIS) means a "battalion" sized force of British troops will deploy to the Kingdom of Jordan to train Syrian rebels in the latest techniques in the hope they will fight to establish a new democratic Syrian state. 14 Oct 2014

With a Parade for Putin, Serbia Walks a Tightrope

In his 1949 memoir Eastern Approaches, British officer Fitzroy Maclean wrote of standing on top of Belgrade's fortress and watching the Nazis retreat across the River Sava, leaving the capital to the Red Army and Yugoslav Partisan guerrillas. 14 Oct 2014

Hong Kong Protest Clashes Revive City's 'Triad' Reputation

Attacks by masked men on Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters have shone an uncomfortable spotlight on the city's pervasive and shadowy "triad" crime gangs, renewing accusations they are working in cahoots with the government. 14 Oct 2014

Irish Plan Growth Budget after 6 Years' Austerity

The age of austerity is ending in Ireland after six years of grueling tax hikes and spending cuts. Finance Minister Michael Noonan and Public Expenditure Minister Brendan Howlin are unveiling a 2015 budget Tuesday expected to contain around 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) in income tax breaks and spending increases, ending a seven-budget run that slashed 30 billion euros from the economy. 14 Oct 2014

National Union of Students Rejects Anti-ISIS Motion as 'Islamophobic'

A spat between leftist students has neatly illustrated the split loyalties of Britain’s socialist fringe, after a “Critical Marxist” activist eviscerated the National Union of Students (NUS) for failing to pass a motion expressing solidarity with the Kurdish people because they consider the ongoing conflict with ISIS to be “Islamophobic”. 14 Oct 2014

UKIP Finally Has an MP... But Can He Work with Farage?

The UKIP fox, as they love to tell us, is well and truly in the Westminster hen house. Of course there are one group of people for whom killing foxes is a favourite pastime: Tories. It will not be an irony lost on Nigel Farage and co that fox hunting remains a banned activity under the current Conservative-led government. 14 Oct 2014


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