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Rotherham MP Opposed Call for Inquiry into Mass Sex Abuse

It has emerged Labour Members of Parliament in the North of England may have conspired to ignore the abuse of young girls by Pakistani grooming gangs because of the "vast reservoirs" of votes the "Kashmiri Muslim" community afforded them, and that crucial detailed evidence about the scandal has "disappeared" from archives. 12 Sep 2014

Ian Paisley: A Man Who Spoke Out for His Country

Ian Paisley, or the Reverend Dr Lord Bannside as he was by the end, was not your typical politician. Or clergyman, for that matter. Unlike most people in both trades, Ian Paisley said what he meant. Assuming you could understand it. Protestant Northern Irish accents can sound challenging, even to Glaswegians. 12 Sep 2014

Germany Bans Aiding Islamic State

Germany said Friday it had prohibited activities in support of the Islamic State, warning the "terrorist" group operating in Iraq and Syria also posed a threat to Europe. 12 Sep 2014

Former Northern Irish Unionist Leader Paisley Has Died

Former Northern Irish First Minister the Reverend Ian Paisley has died. Paisley was one of the most significant figures in Northern Irish politics over many decades, and was widely regarded as one of the most controversial and divisive figures in the province's recent history. 12 Sep 2014

Scotland's Armed Forces Denied Voice in Referendum

Scottish soldiers living temporarily abroad, either in barracks in the UK or at British bases abroad, have expressed "fury" at being denied the vote in next week's referendum over the future of a country they hope to return to after their service. 12 Sep 2014

Danish Wind Farm Company Sued for Spoiling View

Europe’s troubled wind turbine industry has a new predicament, with a householder in Denmark successfully suing Vestas, a Danish wind turbine manufacturer. Vestas was sued by the householder with the help of International Law Office and awarded 500,000 Danish kroner (£53,000) in compensation for the loss of property values due to visual interference, inconvenience caused by the noise of the blades and light reflection. Eight turbines are visible from the owner’s house. 12 Sep 2014

Iraqi Forces Set Stage for Another Massacre of Iranian Refugees in Camp Liberty

The Iranian regime is definitely the biggest loser of Minister Nouri Al-Maliki withdrawing his candidacy for a third term as Iraq’s Prime Minister. During eight years of divisive and sectarian rule, Maliki had proved himself to be the Iranian regime’s greatest ally in the region, dedicating his power and resources to furthering Iran’s agendas in Iraq and the region. 12 Sep 2014

Eurosceptics Must Learn from the Scottish Referendum Campaign

Next week Scotland will vote to decide whether or not to break free from the rest of Britain and go it alone as an independent country. The referendum has dominated this week’s news, divided Scotland and caused violence on the streets of Glasgow, yet somehow, for the first time since I turned nine and cried as I witnessed Tony Blair walk into Downing Street, I am entirely ambivalent about the result of a British election. 12 Sep 2014

Scottish Support for Independence Slips - Poll

Supporters of keeping Scotland in the United Kingdom have clawed back a 4 percentage point lead over separatists, a YouGov poll showed on Friday with just a week to go before Scots vote in a referendum on independence. 12 Sep 2014

53 Dogs Killed in Fire at Shelter in Manchester

As the fire has been brought under control and a 15-year old boy has been taken into custody overnight, the number of dogs believed to have died in a suspected arson attack at Manchester Dogs Home has now reached 53. 12 Sep 2014

Spain's Catalans Protest to Demand Secession Vote

Separatists in northeastern Spain swarmed into Barcelona by the busload Thursday, waving independence flags as they demanded a secession sentiment vote that the Spanish government insists is illegal. 11 Sep 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Salmond Appears At 'Yes' Rally With Alleged Polish Fraudster

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom - Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has attended a pro-independence rally with a Polish businessman who has been accused of defrauding his staff and then skipping his home country. Pawel Bladocha is also believed to have pleaded not guilty yesetrday to an offense under section 143 of the Road Traffic Act: which relates to driving without insurance. 11 Sep 2014

Ukraine Rebels Watch Scotland Vote with Envy

Why isn't England bombing the Scottish separatists," demands one supporter of the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine in a Twitter post under a picture of the Scottish flag. 11 Sep 2014

Quebec Parallel Shows Final Weeks Critical in Tight Scottish Polls

Support for and against Scottish independence is running neck-and-neck a week before referendum day, leaving it to a sizeable number of undecided voters to tip the balance. A series of opinion polls over the past week, with one notable exception, have shown a surge in support for the "Yes" campaign that has panicked Britain's elite. 11 Sep 2014

UK Government Offers Muslim Students 'Sharia-Friendly' Loans

The British government is to offer Sharia-compliant loans to Muslim students in an attempt to get more of them to go to university. The new system will allow students to pay a donation into a pool system instead of paying high interest, and has been produced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). 11 Sep 2014

British Women Running ISIS 'Brothels' Full of Kidnapped Yazidis

Female British jihadis are running brothels full of Yazidi women who have been kidnapped by ISIS militants in Iraq. The women, who are senior members of the al-Khanssaa religious police force, have been tasked with looking after the girls who are being used of sex-slaves by ISIS men. 11 Sep 2014

Angry Mothers Round on Scottish Campaign Leaders

Users of internet forum Mumsnet accused Scotland referendum campaign leaders Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling of scaremongering and bullying voters in an online debate a week from the vote. 11 Sep 2014

China, Russia to Build Seaport: Report

China and Russia will build one of the largest ports in northeast Asia on Russia's Sea of Japan coast, reports said, in a further sign of the powerhouses' growing alliance. 11 Sep 2014

Hit And Move: Pro-Union Campaigners' Guerrilla War In Scotland

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom – The last few days in Scotland’s capital city have looked like an apocalypse for the pro-union Better Together campaign. Every street corner has a YesScotland stall and almost every shop has an independence banner in an impressive show of force. But going behind the scenes at the campaigns show a different side to the 'lacklustre' unionist campaign. 11 Sep 2014

Scottish No Campaign Pulls Ahead On Salmond’s ‘Black Wednesday’

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom - The no campaign has pulled ahead by 6 points in the independence referendum, after yet another day of dire economic news for Scotland, dubbed “Salmond’s Black Wednesday” by pro-union campaigners. Voters appear to have been given a fright after businesses began making plans to relocate to England and billions were wiped off the value of Scottish companies following a surge in support for independence. 10 Sep 2014

Scottish Students' Union Bans Pro-Life Group from Freshers' Fair

The students' union at Dundee University in Scotland has caused controversy by banning a pro-life group from its Freshers' Fair. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) was told it could not have a stall at the fair, where various societies and groups advertise themselves to students, due to their "highly offensive" campaign material. 10 Sep 2014

Scans Reveal New Monuments at Stonehenge

A vast complex of monuments surrounding Britain's prehistoric Stonehenge site has been revealed using hi-tech underground scanning, archaeologists said Wednesday. 10 Sep 2014

Former PM Major: Scottish Vote is Labour's Fault

Former British Prime Minister Sir John Major has waded into Scottish independence debate with a big "I told you so". The former Conservative PM says that he has been vindicated in his opposition to the Labour Party's proposals to give Scotland its own parliament back in the late 1990s, saying that he warned at the time it would hasten the break-up of the UK. 10 Sep 2014

EU Blasted for 'Radio Silence' on Italy Immigrant Crisis

The EU has been accused of “radio silence” on the issue of migrants crossing the Mediterranean by boat, leaving Italy to cope with the crisis alone. Italy has scooped more than 100,000 from often overcrowded and unsuitable vessels under operation Mare Nostrum, at a cost of millions of euros a month. 10 Sep 2014

Scottish Flag Failure Mocked by Media

A mishap in which the Scottish Saltire flag fell down as it was hoisted over Downing Street in a symbol of support for the union was mocked by press and social media on Wednesday. 10 Sep 2014

Currency Question at Heart of Scottish Debate

In for a penny, in for a pound. There'll be no going back if Scotland votes for independence from the United Kingdom on Sept. 18. Opinion polls showing that may happen have prompted investors to sell off the British pound. If a knockout blow is dealt to Scotland's 307-year union with England, that selling could accelerate as the U.K. plunges into a constitutional crisis. 10 Sep 2014

A Hit, a Miss and a Meh: Apple Rolls Out New Objects of Desire

The world's tech press gathered in the glittering Church of Tim Cook's Apple yesterday morning in Cupertino, California to hear about the latest, bestest, most magical, iStuff they've ever produced. Oddly, Bono and U2 showed up to sprinkle their peculiar brand across the gathered great and good. Unless you're near dead you probably have heard most of the detail, but you come here for opinions not detailed specs so here is my take 10 Sep 2014

Scottish Independence Could Be Like the Break Up of Soviet Union

Some polls now show a slim majority of Scotland voters intending to vote on September18th for independence from the United Kingdom after 300 years of political union. Such an action would destroy the post-World War II doctrine of the inviolability of European borders. When this doctrine weakened in the Soviet Union, a super power rapidly disintegrated. 10 Sep 2014


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