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Conservatives Attack ‘Betrayal’ UKIP Defection at Tory Conference

Conservatives have used the first day of their annual conference in Birmingham to accuse Mark Reckless of “betrayal” for his defection UKIP. The Rochester and Strood MP was the shock final speaker at UKIPs conference, where he announced he would follow Douglas Carswell in standing down as an MP and fight a by-election for his new party. 28 Sep 2014

UKIP Is Parking Its Tanks on Labour's Front Lawn

This week Nigel Farage decamped his self-proclaimed People’s Army to the Yorkshire town of Doncaster. Starting days after a somewhat lacklustre Labour Party conference, the UKIP gathering was the last big opportunity to set their stall out not only for the upcoming by-elections in Clacton and Heywood but also the General Election in 2015. 28 Sep 2014

New EU Commissioners Put Through the Wringer

The men and women picked to run the EU for the next five years face a grilling by the European Parliament this week which could claim the scalp of at least one of them. 28 Sep 2014

DEFECTION: It Is Farage's Duty to Sweep Away The Tory Corpse... He's Doing it Pretty Well

It turns out that while David Cameron was dispatching the full might of his imperial outreach – six aircraft – to bomb ISIS, Nigel Farage was launching his own blitz on the Tories. The defection of Mark Reckless was not only a superbly choreographed piece of political theatre, it was a lethal blow to David Cameron, insofar as it is possible to deliver a fatal blow to a dead man walking. Future historians will study the demise – more accurately the suicide – of the Conservative Party with incredulous bafflement 28 Sep 2014

Iran's President: No Major Progress at Nuke Talks

Iran's president on Friday urged faster progress at nuclear talks between his country and six world powers, joining other top international officials who say the current round has failed to make substantial headway toward sealing a deal by the Nov. 24 deadline. 27 Sep 2014

Britain Joins Fight against Islamic State Group

Britain, Belgium and Denmark on Friday joined the U.S.-led coalition of nations that are launching airstrikes on the Islamic State group in Iraq, committing warplanes to the struggle against the extremists. 27 Sep 2014

Catalonia Defies Spain by Calling Secession Vote

The president of Spain's powerful northeastern region of Catalonia on Saturday formally called an independence referendum, the latest secession push in Europe and one of the most serious challenges to the Spanish state in recent years. 27 Sep 2014

Bombing Raids by RAF to Begin This Weekend

BREAKING The Parliament of the United Kingdom has voted to commence military strikes against ISIS forces in Iraq today, by 524 votes to 43 votes. The Royal Air Force's six Tornado fighter-bomber aircraft presently stationed in Cyrpus will now be armed in preparation to commence strikes this evening. 26 Sep 2014

UKIP MEP: We’ll Take SIX Seats At General Election

DONCASTER, United Kingdom - Steven Wolfe, UKIP Euro MP for North-West England, has claimed the party will win six seats at the general election next year. The former solicitor told Breitbart London that the party’s aspiration to take three or four seats “would be a miracle, but I think we will exceed that”. 26 Sep 2014

Live: UK Parliament Now Voting on Airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq

Live Blog: The British House of Commons is now voting after n mammoth seven hour debate to discuss strikes against ISIS in Iraq. The Prime Minister and Leader of the opposition have made their statements and now other members of the house are having their chance to debate airstrikes. If the ayes have it, military action could begin by midnight. 26 Sep 2014

Ukip Claim to Have Created a Post-Political Manifesto. Their Lurch to the Centre Could Be Their Undoing

As we head into Ukip conference, the party has put out on its website a manifesto statement by Policy chief Tim Aker MEP in which he reiterates that “We’re beyond left-right, authoritarian-libertarian—those arguments are for university common rooms.” This was a claim first made by Aker in an interview with Prospect Magazine over the summer, and it appears to be one that he’s quite keen on. 26 Sep 2014

Oxford Study Proves The Virtues of Selective Education

A new study by an Oxford academic has found a greater concentration of poverty in schools has a negative effect on pupils there, both rich and poor. Professor Steve Strand discovered a difference in GCSE results of 25 percent between children who qualified for free meals and those who did not at schools rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted. The study also found that children from relatively wealthy families perform worse at schools with large numbers of disadvantaged pupils. 26 Sep 2014

What Doncaster Says About The Mood And Direction of UKIP in 2014

Conference season is in full swing. For a few days each through September and early October, the four main British political parties and their accompanying army of press, lobbyists and the occasional delegate embark en masse to far-flung English cities for prolonged boozing and debauchery. Policies are unveiled, initiatives launched, but what every politico remembers of conference season, whatever the party, venue or year, is the four day hangover and inevitable post-conference flu. 26 Sep 2014

Smokers' Paradise Austria Struggles to Stub Out Habit

In the wood-panelled rooms of Vienna's traditional coffee houses, tobacco-lovers can still light up pretty much as they please. But one of the last smokers' havens in Europe may be on course to kick the habit 26 Sep 2014

British MPs Vote on Joining Iraq Airstrikes

British lawmakers vote Friday on whether to bomb Islamic State militants in Iraq, joining United States-led air strikes against a group that has seized control of swathes of the war-torn country 26 Sep 2014

Australian PM Warns of 'Lone Wolf' Terrorism

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Friday he was deeply worried about the potential for lone wolf terror attacks, days after an 18-year-old suspected militant was shot dead while attacking police 26 Sep 2014

Australia Passes Tougher Spy Laws

Laws giving Australian intelligence agencies stronger powers have passed the nation's upper house of parliament, as the government also introduced new wording to prohibit torture 26 Sep 2014


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